ScanSoft Max Plugin??? Paperport 9

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by spence, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. spence

    spence Guest

    Don't see any other posts about this...

    but hoping i'm not the only person ever to run across this problem...

    I scanned some documents back in February... apparently they were saved
    as scan soft's proprietary htm... and requires the scansoft max plugin
    to be opened...

    firefox offers to install the plugin...

    but it can't be found...

    however the link to the page is now 404'd...

    there is no mention of plug-ins anywhere on scansoft's site...

    anybody else download this thing before it disappeared?
    spence, Oct 4, 2005
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  2. spence

    mgfv43 Guest

    I am not sure that such a Plugin exists. For IE let alone Firefox. On
    the ScanSoft web site you will find a viewer for .max files.

    Here is an extract from the Help file of PaperPort 10, the grown up
    version of the software bundled with some scanners.

    "PaperPort Browser-Viewable files — A format in which you can save
    your PaperPort Image (.max) files so that you can e-mail them to
    recipients who do not have PaperPort or the PaperPort MiniViewer

    "This format "wraps" your item in an HTML file that contains a special
    viewing tool for the image item.
    "When the recipient opens the e-mail attachment, the recipient is
    prompted to confirm the download of the PaperPort Image Viewer
    Plug-In. This plug-in enables the recipient to view the image item in
    their default web browser.
    "Note that if the recipient’s e-mail program is set up to display HTML
    content within the body of e-mail messages, the user must directly
    open the e-mail file attachment to view the item. "

    mgfv43, Oct 24, 2005
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