Seagull 4A-109 Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format Camera

Discussion in 'Photography' started by chipshop, Nov 28, 2004.

  1. chipshop

    chipshop Guest

    Seagull 4A-109 Twin Lens Reflex Medium Format Camera

    Does anyone here own or have used this camera?
    I'd appreciate your opinions on it before I part with hard-earned cash!


    chipshop, Nov 28, 2004
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  2. chipshop

    Bob Monaghan Guest

    see and mf/tlr.html for tips, ideas.

    the seagull TLRs are now priced more than very good used rolleiflex TLRs
    with world class optics, due to falling MF camera prices.

    the 4 element lenses have been only so-so in the past, see chart from pop
    Photo tests at top URL. So-so here means as bad as 20 lpmm wide open
    (edge), which is pretty awful ;-) AFAIK, similar optics are used in the
    4A-109 model, just added visible f/stops and distance markings as on

    Even with the japanese made leaf shutter, you still have a different level
    of quality control than on either japanese or german optics when you turn
    to low cost chinese export cameras like these TLRs.

    These TLRs were okay bargains at $49 and $79 from Porters camera on new
    closeouts. A new USA importer has been advertising heavily, and greatly
    raised the prices here in the USA, but they can still be bought for far
    less overseas etc.

    But for $200-ish+, I'd recommend the original rolleiflex TLRs (or for
    little more than $100, one of the later rolleicords) rather than a Chinese
    clone like the 4A-109. The optical and mechanical quality will be rather
    better with a good example of a rollei TLR ('cord or 'flex). There are
    lots of other used TLRs (minoltacord, ricoh..) which are also good
    performers for rather less $$ too ;-) (see mf/tlr.html for tips)

    hth bobm
    Bob Monaghan, Nov 28, 2004
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  3. chipshop

    chipshop Guest

    Thank you bob...very informative.
    I'll start looking for a good Rolleiflex!

    chipshop, Nov 29, 2004
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