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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Darren Harris, Jul 2, 2003.

  1. I'm want to build a video editing system and was wondering if there
    was a site that allowed one to input motherboard paramaters into a
    search engine in order to get a list of motherboards with the desired

    Thanks a lot.

    Darren Harris
    Staten Island, New York.
    Darren Harris, Jul 2, 2003
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  2. Darren Harris

    Cory Guest

    Cory, Jul 2, 2003
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  3. Darren Harris

    Larry Jandro Guest

    You would be much better off deciding on which editing software you
    want, then looking to see what hardware is recommended to run it.

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    Larry Jandro, Jul 2, 2003
  4. I mentioned that I wanted to build a video editing system because it
    is somewhat conducive to what I will be using the PC for. Video
    editing software is not a big deal in and of itself.

    The idea is that I want the option of creating a ram-disk where I can
    store a library of 7,500 frames taken from the hard drive and do some
    on-the-fly "editing" from there.

    I want to at the press of a button link together various strings of 30
    frames to up to 150 frames(at 30 frames per second).

    The editing on command that is done will *not* be stored, but shown on
    screen once(as it happens). The source library loaded from the hard
    drive will remain the unchanged.

    Of course I'll have to write a progam that will allow this, but I want
    to make sure the hardware I get is capable of accomodating what I want
    to do. Hence the initial question about motherboards.

    Thanks a lot.

    Daren Harris
    Staten Island, New York.

    Darren Harris, Jul 3, 2003
  5. Darren Harris

    Nether Guest

    Here's my input. Think ahead. What are your future goals. Do you
    want to delve into 'After Effects'? 3D Animation Rendering.. or are
    you just editing simple video.

    I Just built a system and here are my specs and what I am running and
    I will tell you the end result.

    GIGABYTE Motherboard
    AMD 2400+ XP Proccessor
    2GB DDR2700 Ram
    Geforce FX5200
    3 HD's
    (60GB Western dig for System WINDOWS XP)
    (Two 120 GB Western Dig used for Capture clips only)

    Adobbe Premiere 6.5
    After Effects 5.5
    Ulead's DVD Maker and a few other products like HOLLYWOOD FX.
    As well, I have a of AFER EFFECTS plugins for effects suck as 'Film

    What I have found is that CPU is clutch for rendering.... And, memory
    is even greater in respects to certain programs like, especially AFTER
    EFFECTS. With 512 RAM I was able to do most stuff, but as I got more
    complex in rendering, animation, my system was killing for RAM. So, I
    bumped it to 2GB. Definately much better. As well, I used LOW LATENCY
    RAM. I bought it at or more specifically this link
    to find HIGH PERFORMANCE RAM w/ heat spreader. There IS a HUGE
    difference. More bandwith in the throughput of data. And, working with
    huge 80-150MB vid files at a time, it's key!

    It's also important to grab the fastest CPU if your not intersted in
    waiting a lot. In simple rendering, AE and AP do ok with my system,
    but sometimes it takes a long time to do what I need to do (rendering
    clips, effects etc etc) The CPU I have now has only 384CACHE on it.
    The new BARTON chip from AMD has 512 CACHE and is extremely comparable
    to INTEL's P4 but I suspect nothing can match it's new HYPERTHREAD
    technology. Man, could go for that now. There are a lot of reviews,
    specs and benchmarks on all processors. I reccomend and look for the reviews and look at the
    charts as to how long ea. proccesor takes to say...rendering/encode a
    full length MPG using various tools. The newest P4 is 61% faster than
    my "new" proccesor I just bought. Errrrr

    Good Luck!
    Nether, Jul 3, 2003
  6. Darren Harris

    AnthonyR Guest

    Hi Nether,

    Also don't forget faster cpu's will always render faster.
    When I use to use my amiga2000 with a 020 motorola processor and 32 megs of
    ram, they were pushing the new 040 processor and 64megs for more than twice
    the price and they use to say rendering will be a lot faster, LOL
    Well, we are about 1000 times faster than that now and they still say pay
    twice for this cpu, because rendering will be faster.
    It is to a point now that maybe you can wait a little longer and save money,
    it all depends on how much actual work you do.
    If you have the computer rendering all night and need it by the morning and
    it isn't done, then yes go for a faster system, sure.
    I remember when some animations needed to render for 3 weeks straight! We've
    come a long way, and can always get faster.

    I too have a 2400+ XP and was thinking to upgrade to a 3200+ Barton or Intel
    etc.. but decided to wait for the new Athlon64 and new Windows64 coming out
    after September. Once after effects is ported to the new 64bit windows then
    you should see improvement. MPEG2 VBR multi pass will be done in faster than
    real-time with a 64bit CPU and 64bit software!

    Wow, can't wait!

    AnthonyR, Jul 3, 2003
  7. Darren Harris

    Joe Guest


    Is this an idea for a dedicated product or a one time special effect?

    In any event I would spend the next couple of weeks getting a handle on how
    digital video works since it is NOT the motherboard or the CPU or the RAM or
    the HDD that makes streaming video possible....these are merely
    complimentary factors.

    Real time video requires application specific integrated circuits to create
    and manipulate video streams. An off the shelf PC or MAC is not equipped
    with these circuits because they tend to be very expensive.

    AVID is the leader in NLE Video Production not because its software is
    'better' than the competition but more likely because it sub-manufactures
    the actual hardware required to make digital video work and creates its
    software to work with this specialized hardware.

    In reference to your actual requirement. I could readily write you a
    program for the AVIO that will accomplish your objective and the cost would
    be 20 times less than going the AVID route. If DV25 or MPEG-2-4:2:2 meets
    your technical requirements than feel free to contact me.

    Joe, Jul 3, 2003
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