searching for an affordable video editor that can...

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Laszlo_Lebrun, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. ....keep the timing of a master track while overdubbing from other tracks.

    It should be obvious but most of the video editors can't do that simple

    I use to film events with 3 or 4 (cheap) camereas on tripods, running
    all the time.

    A main camera filming the stage.
    A side camera to give some variety
    A camera filming the audience or the surroundings
    A hand camera to get some close-ups.

    I would like to keep the first film uncut and overdub it with some clips
    from the other ones, with some limited transition effects. Tht's it. If
    I have to displace the overdubbing clips, I dont want have to change
    the master track.
    That should not be that difficult, isn't it?

    Most of the programs i've seen just cannot do that. They expect me to
    cut all the clips and concatenate all the clips computing milliseconds
    to keep the timing. Bah!
    It should be doable in an easier way!
    I can't afford to pay for professional tools like final cut.

    Has anyone got an hint which freeware or cheap cutting software could do
    what I need? Windows, Mac, or Linux i don't care.

    Thank you for any advice.

    Laszlo_Lebrun, Apr 13, 2011
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  2. I've just read that Sony Vegas Studio could be suitable.
    Has the first version HD (about 40 €) already multiple tracks and could
    do what I need?
    Thank you again for advices.

    Laszlo_Lebrun, Apr 13, 2011
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  3. Thank you David for the fast reply.
    Can I get the "Takes" and multicamera Tracks from the cheapest version
    of Vegas or do I need the pro?
    Laszlo_Lebrun, Apr 13, 2011
  4. If your camcorders are digital (Mini-DV, HD, whatever...), this is
    very easy with editors that permit at least four video-audio tracks
    (I like, for cheap [less than $80], Sony's Vegas Media Studio HD
    Platinum 10, but there are others - but I don't like Adobe Premiere
    for HDV...). Vegas (as do others) permits muting of tracks to
    see or hear various tracks, or not. Even if you are using analogue
    camcorders, if your cut-aways are short, you should not run into
    serious problems with timing (although if the distances are quite
    varied, there can be time delays of a frame or two in the audio
    David Ruether, Apr 13, 2011
  5. Here is a comparison of the various Vegas versions --
    Specifically, the version I mentioned above can handle 10 each
    video and audio tracks (the cheapest version can handle 4 of each).
    The expensive version permits real-time take switching (not
    something I've ever found useful, although I have that version).
    With the ability to line up in vertical synch all your tracks and then
    individualy select and cut tracks (video or audio, without moving
    them) in a "checkerboard" pattern but with overlaps, and pulling
    upper pieces down produces dissolves (the lengths of which can
    easily be modified afterwards) - and any other transitions you may
    want can then be dropped on top of the dissolves, and modified with
    the box that opens. There are unlimited "undoes" possible, and the
    program includes built-in step-by-step tutorials. A neat feature is
    that with a dual-head video card, you can run a 1920x1080 monitor
    or HD TV at the same time as the program's monitor. Here is a
    "beginner' guide" to Vegas that I wrote, with screen grabs, at --
    and there are some Sony video tutorials, at -- are 30-day free trial downloads available, at -- in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese (i think...;-).--DR
    David Ruether, Apr 13, 2011
  6. I have been doing that many years ago in Linux with the software I wrote.
    The thing is called 'subtitler' and became part of Linux transcode.
    You can use the picture in picture feature in full screen mode to 'dub in' other video [tracks].
    That was the time of 900 MHz processors, and rendering took a full night for a 60 minute movie.
    OTOH it can add subtitles and all sort of moving stuff too, is script based.
    No sound editing in that version, just the original sound track.
    You can always do the sound separately was the idea.
    Problem is, this all works, and it is somewhere on one of my computers, with the old libraries,
    and an old version of transcode.
    I stopped using it when some company threatened to sue me when I made DVDs from their
    satellite broadcasts that were better then theirs.
    So lets say it is for hardcore programmers only.

    Still, if I need anything like that, I would use this.

    But that probably wont help you much, but it was fun to use.
    Jan Panteltje, Apr 14, 2011
  7. Thank you Jan, but that one is too "command line" for me.
    The Vegas Software from Sony with the muti-cameras track and the Takes
    view sounds really good. I will give it a try.

    Laszlo_Lebrun, Apr 14, 2011
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