Seeking Advice for a Traveler Web Site

Discussion in 'Photography' started by phillyvolt, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. phillyvolt

    phillyvolt Guest

    Hello all,

    I could never find a good blogging service that I really liked for
    sharing travels to my friends and family. So a few friends and I made
    our own. Appropriately named, this web site
    automatically shows your journey on your own online map down to the
    footstep of where you traveled. You can now share these charted maps,
    photos and journals to friends and family the way a traveler should be
    able to.

    By seeing exactly where you went on a geographical map and connecting
    that to your photos and blogs, we hope makes a user's
    blogging experience much more memorable and exciting to view and share.

    So with that said, EveryTrail is only a few months old and I wanted to
    see what the community thinks about the site and how we
    could make it better. Thanks a lot.


    phillyvolt, Jan 16, 2007
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