seeking file recovery program for crw files

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by JC Dill, May 31, 2004.

  1. JC Dill

    JC Dill Guest

    I transferred files shot on my 300D to my laptop yesterday, in my car
    while I was shooting on the other card, and apparently the laptop
    suspended mid-transfer (thinking the battery was too low, which it
    wasn't). I restarted the laptop, spot checked and it looked like all
    the files had transferred, so I deleted the files off the card.
    *Fortunately* I didn't shoot anything else on that card, because last
    night I discovered that I'm missing the last 25 files from the first
    folder (but the second folder transfered completely, which is how my
    spotcheck failed to notice the missing files). I downloaded a file
    recovery program that finds the .thm files (but thinks they are ?.jpg) -
    it sees the .thms for the missing .crw files, so I know the files are
    still there on the disk.

    I'm using win2k, and the files are canon raw on a 1 GB compact flash
    that was initially formatted by the 300D in whatever format 300D uses.
    Ideally, I'd like to use a program with a free trial so I can recover
    these files without having to buy first, so I can test the program and
    decided if I want to buy it and have it around if I manage to do
    something like this again.

    I've googled a bit, but since the first program I tried can't find/see
    the .crw files, I'm looking for a specific recommendation for programs
    that are known to work when recovering .crw from compact flash, rather
    than having to keep on trying various programs that might not work with
    files in this format.


    JC Dill, May 31, 2004
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  2. I accidentally deleted all of the folders and files (Canon RAW .CRW)
    from my CF card and successfully recovered all of them with "Back2Life"

    Dave Herzstein, Jun 1, 2004
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