Selling photos online. Not prints, but digital copies.

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by dtype, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. dtype

    dtype Guest

    Hi all, this group has been quite helpful so far, so I thought I'd ping
    the group expertise yet again.

    I'm interested in posting some picture galleries online, but want to
    sell the digital files, not prints. Do any of the reputable services
    offer such a thing?

    I've looked at smugmug & shutterfly, and see only the ability to sell

    istockphoto & dreamstime put you into a group pool, but don't allow you
    to set your own pricing on galleries (from what I can tell). Otherwise
    the model for these sites is exactly what I'm looking for, at a
    personal/custom level.

    Having prints available is good, but what I _really_ want is for a
    customer to pay, and be able to download the full res image, much like
    with istockphoto/etc, but managed by me as a personal gallery. Even
    better would be if this site allowed a customer to manage a digital
    locker of sorts. I assume such a site would just work from a percentage
    of the revenue, with perhaps some annual fee.

    Any recommendations? Have I missed a service from one of the stock
    photo sites perhaps?

    dtype, Apr 4, 2006
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  2. dtype

    Frank ess Guest

    I've sold a few "files" through FotoTime: I park the "proofs" in an
    album and the "printables" in another. We haggle over price and
    resolution, once there is agreement and PayPal or whatevr, I put the
    purchased file up and send the URL of the appropriate album to the
    buyer. Fototime counts album accesses, I take the files down (move
    them to a storage album) after a stated interval has passed. My volume
    is low enough I don't mind minding the store. Might be a hassle for

    Alternatively, FotoTime talks about a plan where you set your price,
    the buyer orders prints (made by printclub, I think) and FotoTime pays
    you the difference in $25 increments as they accrue. I've not used
    this scheme.
    Frank ess, Apr 4, 2006
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  3. dtype

    Frank ess Guest

    That would be ClubPhoto

    I think) and FotoTime pays
    Frank ess, Apr 4, 2006
  4. dtype

    dtype Guest

    Yeah, unfortunately this gets back to the prints thing, and I'm
    interested in selling files, not prints.

    As for your manual method, this works, but I'm hoping that someone
    offers the service to make it a bit easier for me, so I don't have to
    manage credit card transactions, digital lockers, manual labor for each
    sale, etc.

    dtype, Apr 4, 2006
  5. dtype

    Paul Furman Guest

    So the stock agencies don't let you set the price? Is that the problem?
    It seems like those are the place to go because that's where
    professionals go to get stuff.
    Paul Furman, Apr 4, 2006
  6. dtype

    Rob M Guest

    Try having a look at

    I have spoken to them and intend to join now that I am building a library of
    saleable pics

    Rob M
    Rob M, Apr 4, 2006
  7. ImageVortex ( lets you set your own price.
    They, however, handle the business side of things, and pays you
    70% of the preceeds. I don't know if this covers what you're

    (Byw.: I've no affliation with ImageVortex, and I've never used
    their services.)
    I've seen several fee based "stock agencies". I didn't save the
    links, so I can't tell you where they are, but they do exist.

    IMHO, these are mostly scams. They do nothing to attract a buying
    public to your galleries/digital locker, so in most cases, the sale
    of files will not even cover the hosting fee.

    If I were looking for a stock agency, I would pick one with a strict
    editorial standards (so my stuff would probably be rejected).
    Buyers do not waste time wading through galleries that for the most
    part contains junk.
    Gisle Hannemyr, Apr 5, 2006
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