Sensor cleaned!

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Paul in Houston TX, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. It was fairly easy to get the Panasonic DMC-ZS8 camera apart
    and get at the sensor.
    It was not easy to clean it though. Tried my lens brush on
    the sensor and all it did was push the dust around.
    Ended up using condensed distilled water (breath) and a
    silk cloth. It took about 8 wipes with a silk cloth until
    inspection with my 10x loupe showed it and the underside
    of the bottom lens to be dust free. I could not get at
    the other lenses. There is dust in there as well but it is
    out of the focal point and probably just cuts down on the
    amount of light over the entire sensor.

    Here is a before and after view using about the
    same focal length. The cloud pic is not cropped.

    Well, tomorrow to New Orleans to another refinery.
    Wish I had the camera enclosure now.
    Rain, wind, and carbon nano particles once more.
    Paul in Houston TX, Jul 24, 2012
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  2. Paul in Houston TX

    Savageduck Guest

    If you are ever going to deal with cleaning a sensor again, get some
    Eclipse fluid and some PEC pads at a minimum. There are other tools,
    but for "wet" cleaning, those are a starting point.

    A brush will work, but it is usually best to "charge" it by making sure
    it is clean and then using a blower to blow through the bristles.

    There are good online sources for this stuff.
    << >
    < >

    Now, get some protection for that camera!!!
    Savageduck, Jul 24, 2012
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  3. Great advice! Thank you Mr. Duck.
    I appreciate the links, too.
    I can see myself doing sensor cleaning often.
    I'll research those items now that I know such things
    exist and get an assortment, and the enclosure.
    Paul in Houston TX, Jul 25, 2012
  4. Paul in Houston TX

    OG Guest

    I had a largeish bit of dust on my dSLR sensor when we were on holiday
    last year, that the Dust Removal 'shake' wouldn't shift - not helped
    that I had forgotten the rocket blower.

    In the end I used a bit of well worked Blu Tack to pick it off the sensor.

    Not recommended, but worked in a push!
    OG, Jul 26, 2012
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