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Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Barry., May 27, 2004.

  1. Barry.

    Barry. Guest

    Hello to you all! I have recently purchased a scanner with Adobe
    Photoshop album included (bundled) in the package.
    During installation it required a serial number. however there is no
    serial number attached or included on or in the shrinkfit wrapper.

    I have visited the Adobe site and it seems the only option is to
    telephone the USA for assistance re serials. not a good solution for a
    someone residing outside the USA. Yes I've tried the local area option
    from the main Adobe site only to be returned to the main US page.

    Can anyone help? I feel that I am justified in requesting this
    assistance as the software is probably a crippled version anyway and
    appears to be dated 12-02. Secondly I cannot evaluate the software if
    I cannot use it.

    Win XP

    Many thanks,

    Barry., May 27, 2004
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  2. go to any search engine...type in Adobe Album Serial....and have a good
    Gene Palmiter, May 27, 2004
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  3. Barry.

    Barry. Guest

    Thanks to Jim Guest who Emails me each post I place on this NG and
    this post urging me to visit crack sites. However I am requesting a
    serial for a legitimate program boxed with a scanner. By the way Jim
    your Emails are now consigned to the recycle bin!

    Thanks but no thanks!

    Barry., May 28, 2004
  4. Barry.

    David Haley Guest

    How did you expect to obtain a serial number any way but illegally if you don't
    get it from Adobe?

    David Haley, May 28, 2004
  5. Barry.

    Stuart Guest

    Is there anything written on the disc label or contained in a file on
    the disc?

    Seems really odd that a program requiring a serial number does not
    contain one in the packaging somewhere.
    What about contacting the place you purchased the scanner from?
    That is what demo versions are for.

    Stuart, May 28, 2004
  6. Barry.

    John Guest

    You do not want to / cannot contact Adobe ?
    You have cot a legit copy of Album that you paid for ?
    You cannot use it as you do not have a serial ?

    You have two choices
    Contact Adobe
    Get a serial from the www

    Where else do you expect a serial to come from.
    No one in this group will give you one from their copy

    John, May 28, 2004
  7. Barry.

    jjs Guest

    Very often the serial number for bundled software is on a label inside the
    install document.
    Let me guess: you haven't cracked the install doc yet. How did I do?
    jjs, May 28, 2004
  8. Barry.

    John Guest

    you are replying to the wrong person. I tried Album and did not like
    it at all.

    John, May 28, 2004
  9. Same here...I got a free copy with some hardware....put it on....looked at
    it...took it off and gave it away.
    Gene Palmiter, May 29, 2004
  10. Barry.

    jjs Guest

    Sorry it looked like that, John. To clarify, I wasn't responding to you,
    but to the OP. :(
    jjs, May 29, 2004
  11. Barry.

    Barry. Guest

    To answer some of the comments.
    Simple!! Have it included with the CD

    Did I pay for the copy..YES it came bundled with a recent scanner, I
    have already mentioned that in my initial post if you care to read
    before you critisize..
    You did very badly! The CD was in a thin paper envelope with a
    transparent front, nothing is written on the envelope at all. What
    install doc? There was no mention of Adobe in the scanner docs or any
    adobe related literature in the unopened scanner box.

    All contents of the box are still to hand and have been searched a
    number of times. Please don't judge everyone like yourself for
    incompetance! Installation instructions up to the serial request are
    no more than following the on screen prompts after an auto boot.

    Given some of the comments as to the uselessness of the program.
    Telephoning Adobe from outside the US waiting for someone to
    eventually answer my request only to find the programme is worthless
    is not a viable option.

    One wonders why a serial is required for an old, probably crippled
    version anyway. I requested assistance here under the impression that
    there may be a standard serial number to open only demo software, or
    that someone may have bundled software that Adobe remembered to add
    the serial somewhere on the packaging.

    Even though I made it plain that I was not asking for the serial
    number of the latest full version I still seem to have been branded a

    Strange folk these Adobe users! One must conclude that Adobe does not
    really want new users to evaluate even older versions their software.

    Thanks to those who posted rational replies, as to those who did not
    then please read the origional post carefully before replying

    Stick your Adobe software where it hurts most!

    Barry., May 29, 2004
  12. Barry.

    David Haley Guest

    With all due respect, I don't think you understood my question. Or perhaps you
    didn't read the second half: 'if you don't get it from Adobe' (bundled with the
    CD.) If you didn't get the serial number from Adobe - which is where your
    software comes from - how did you expect to get it legally?

    You should contact the vendor of your scanner. If you ask for a serial number
    online, then you are basically asking for something illegal.

    It would be illegal to use somebody else's serial number. You know that, right?
    You know that serial numbers are for full versions, and not demo versions, don't

    David Haley, May 30, 2004
  13. Barry.

    Barry Guest

    You should contact the vendor of your scanner. If you ask for a serial number
    Basically I am asking for a serial of an old version of bundled,
    therefore paid for software. What IS illegal is using full version
    software that has not been paid for.

    Asking here "I thought" would have been easier that contacting the
    What I know is that provided the software was purchased ligitimately,
    where the serial was obtained is immaterial. Right?
    What I know is that (as stated in my first post) is that the "Full"
    version is dated 12/02 so is virtually a demo compared to the latest,
    at least I presume that Adobe has updated since then.

    Bye bye not buy any Adobe.

    Barry, May 30, 2004
  14. Barry.

    jjs Guest

    No, it is not immaterial. Did you look in all the material they sent you?
    Did they include the software on a disc? And I forgot, but what product
    did you buy that include the Adobe program?If anyone's acting strangely,
    it's not Adobe. It's the vendor who bungled, I mean bundled it.
    jjs, May 30, 2004
  15. Now that we have discussed this far too long we are back to where I was at
    the start....just go get a serial. I am not at all sure that its illegal to
    do so. Oh, I suppose they copyright the serial too...but really! Get a
    serial any way you choose. But, if you bought the software...make it a serial.

    And if we seem rude to you...its because we get all kinds here. And people
    who ask for help and then don't accept it are really just wasting our time.
    Gene Palmiter, May 30, 2004
  16. Barry.

    David Haley Guest

    It's also illegal for us to give you serial numbers. For all we know you may be
    lying to us and trying to crack a stolen version.
    No offense but you thought wrong. :)

    Wrong. Legitimately purchased software is supposed to come with a serial number.
    If it didn't, go talk to whoever sold you the software.

    Well, you have an old version, but that hardly makes it a demo. It's not as if
    Adobe is giving away Photoshop 5, 6 or 7, you know, now that 8 is out. In fact,
    very few companies give away free versions of their software, especially if the
    'old' version isn't even two years old yet.

    In any case, for us to give you a serial number would not be entirely legal. You
    may be honest, in which case you should talk to the vendor like an honest person
    would do. Asking on the Internet for a serial number when you could just as
    easily contact your vendor (not necessarily Adobe) just seems slightly

    David Haley, May 30, 2004
  17. Barry.

    Tony Cooper Guest

    As a blanket statement, that's ridiculous. The original question
    related to software that was bundled with a hardware purchase. The
    software was *not* purchased nor should it have been. It is a
    legitimate promotional gift from the originator of the software in
    conjunction with the purchase of hardware.

    The software provider is gambling that the user will like the
    scaled-down bundled version enough that he will purchase the complete
    version. There is no obligation on the part of the customer to like
    the scaled-down version enough to be interested in the full version.
    He may well be completely satisfied with the demo version. Again,
    that's a gamble the software provider takes.

    Often serial numbers for demo or bundled versions are on the CD jacket
    and not permanently retained by the customer. In the case of a
    re-format, the customer may have the disk but not the serial number.
    It's a perfectly legitimate request to send out an appeal for a
    working serial number.

    There is a reason to post the request here and not go the
    manufacturer. It may be days before the manufacturer responds, and an
    answer may be provided here within hours.

    If you don't choose to help, adopting a snotty
    purer-than-the-driven-snow attitude is a waste of bandwidth and
    energy. If you suspect that poster is asking for a serial number of a
    program that was not a bundled demo, just STFU and go on to a post
    where you can either help or be helped. No one cares about your
    alleged high moral values.

    My inclination is to believe the poster and accept that he's asking
    for a serial number for a promotional demo. People that routinely use
    pirate software are well aware of the Warez sites where they can go
    for cracks. They don't bother with newsgroups like this.
    Tony Cooper, Jun 22, 2004
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