SHARPNESS problem - Nikon Coolscan - need hints or comments

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ian Woodrow, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Ian Woodrow

    Ian Woodrow Guest


    I'm relatively new to slide scanning and now have a Nikon Coolscan III
    (LS-30) to mess around with. Now, one thing I noticed was that using the
    Nikon Scan software the colour of the initial scan is pretty bad with a lot
    of blue tint... it would need a LOT of footering and manipulating to improve
    the scan. However, I tried VueScan and it seems to make a good job
    colourwise of the initial scan but in both cases the SHARPNESS is not what I
    would expect. Yes, there is always a BIT of manual sharpening to be done
    with Photoshop or whatever, but the initial scan from my LS-30 doesn't look
    too good at all. A friend of mine told me the sort of unsharp mask values
    he normally uses with scans but using similar I have no joy. Even
    increasing by quite a bit i am not getting great results. I notice this
    most easily where the subject has writing (as writing is detailed so more
    noticeably blurred).

    Perhaps someone else out there in NewsLand has had similar problems or knows
    what I am talking about ? I have been scanning at 3200dpi initially. If
    someone would like to have a look at a couple of sample scans I can scan to
    whatever spec you want .... let me know what size/resolution etc you would
    normally scan at and I can scan a couple at the same and email the results
    for your comments.

    Cheers for any hints or help

    Ian Woodrow, Apr 26, 2005
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  2. <Snip>
    Soft results and blue tint are sure signs of dirty optics but, as others
    have said, the scanner only does 2700ppi, so you will get and
    interpolated image at 3200ppi - not enough to give the poor results you
    describe though.

    Take a look at this website on how to disassemble the unit to access the
    parts that need cleaning (the mirror and the outside surface of the
    lens). The LS-2000 is almost the same as the LS-30 inside.

    Do NOT disassemble the lens or move it or the entire barrel from its
    mounted position!! You will spend ages trying to get it to focus at all
    again and will probably never have the same range of focus once you do.

    Also be careful because the mirror is front silvered and the surface is
    easily damaged. If you cannot get it clean just with a blower then try
    lens tissue and a couple of drops of iso-propyl alcohol.

    So how are things in GU these days? Is the library still sliding down
    the hill? ;-)
    Kennedy McEwen, Apr 26, 2005
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