Shoot-in Week 3: WATER

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Simon Lee, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. Simon Lee

    Simon Lee Guest

    The assignment for week three of the Shoot-in will be WATER.

    It covers 70% of the planet and is 70% of our bodies. It comes from the
    sky, runs along the ground, and pools up in the ocean. It makes possible
    life as we know it. But while water sustains us, as a force of nature it
    can also destroy, with storms, floods, and ice. People must live with
    it, but they can't live without it.

    So, for this week, there should be some water in your photographs. What
    form it is in and what it is doing is up to you.


    "This week's Shoot-In closes at Midnight Sunday, September 22.

    Before you send your picture, make sure it's a .jpg type file, and that
    the long side is no more than 800 pixels. As you set your "quality"
    setting, remember that the longer your picture takes to load, the more
    likely it is to be skipped. Do make your photo an attachment to your

    Mail your photo to si_submissions (at) lisahorton (dot) net or annika1980
    (at) aol (dot) com."
    Simon Lee, Sep 12, 2003
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  2. Simon Lee

    Nighthawk Guest

    Don't you mean midnight sunday sept 21?
    Mondays the 22nd.
    Nighthawk, Sep 12, 2003
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  3. Simon Lee

    Simon Lee Guest

    Nighthawk choreographed a chorus line of high-kicking electrons to spell
    Originally IIRC the intended submission deadline was Sunday night of the
    next week (or Monday morning...), but there's some room in there anyway :)
    Simon Lee, Sep 12, 2003
  4. Simon Lee

    Annika1980 Guest

    From: Simon Lee
    Oh goody! Since I'm still workin on Week 2's "MOTION" assignment, I might be
    able to kill two birds with one stone.

    All I need is a bathtub full of water and 1 kitten. It might even help to have
    a person in the tub. Maybe Week 4's assignment will be called, "PISSED OFF
    Annika1980, Sep 13, 2003
  5. Simon Lee

    Lionel Guest

    Word has it that on Sat, 13 Sep 2003 14:17:22 GMT, in this august forum,
    Or 'revenge'?
    Lionel, Sep 14, 2003
  6. looks out of window and thinks "mmm, Fog, that's really just water vapour
    isn't it"
    Tony Parkinson, Sep 17, 2003
  7. Simon Lee

    Ken Cashion Guest

    I wonder how far we can extend this idea.
    It would fit for me.

    Ken Cashion
    Ken Cashion, Sep 17, 2003
  8. Let's see, Isabel and a shower head... tsk, tsk, you frisky rascal, you...

    But more likely my entry
    Dennis O'Connor, Sep 17, 2003
  9. Simon Lee

    Ken Cashion Guest

    Who said anything about a self-portrait in a bath or shower?
    We are mostly water ourselves, so a self-portrait...

    Ken Cashion
    Ken Cashion, Sep 17, 2003
  10. Getting very scared here at the thought of a photo of Ken in the bath/shower

    Tony Parkinson, Sep 17, 2003
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