Shooting Christmas lights

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by WoZ, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. WoZ

    WoZ Guest

    About to go and shoot some christmas lights.

    Any suggestions on aperature/shutter speed etc? Should I use a tripos etc??

    Btw, using a Canon EOS300D

    WoZ, Dec 6, 2003
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  2. WoZ

    VH-CBR Guest

    Sorry can't offer any advice, but thanks for the reminder ... need to remind
    hubby to do that as well!

    Good luck!
    VH-CBR, Dec 6, 2003
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  3. WoZ

    Scott Coutts Guest


    Go in the evening while it's still light, but getting dark. The
    newspaper publishes a list of good places to visit usually. If you meter
    as normal for the scene, then the lights will be bright and very
    slightly overexposed (which looks good in this case). Use a tripod, and
    dont bother once it's dark.

    Scott Coutts, Dec 6, 2003
  4. WoZ

    Russ Guest

    Personally, I'd use a 12-gauge, but that's just me :)

    Russ, Dec 6, 2003
  5. Once you get some images, drop by as "Chrismas Lights" is
    the new featured category for the next comp. :)

    I agree with the earlier post to get some while there is still some ambient
    light around. You can photograph them in darkness, but the ambient light
    helps "fill in" the darker areas in between.

    AU Digital Photo Of The Day, Dec 6, 2003
  6. WoZ

    VH-CBR Guest

    shameless self promoter!

    welcome to the club :eek:)
    VH-CBR, Dec 6, 2003
  7. WoZ

    A Little Bit Guest

    A .22 rifle will shoot most Chrissy lights. Anything bigger is really overkill.
    A Little Bit, Dec 7, 2003
  8. and your point? ;o)
    Andrew Hennell, Dec 7, 2003
  9. AU Digital Photo Of The Day, Dec 7, 2003
  10. AU Digital Photo Of The Day, Dec 7, 2003
  11. WoZ

    Wiz Guest

    Hollow point :)
    Wiz, Dec 7, 2003
  12. I though the same thing when I read the header

    Cackling Pipes, Dec 8, 2003
  13. Chris Robinson, Dec 10, 2003
  14. "Chris Robinson" <>, far, far away from here, appears to
    have written:

    I found a worse one tonight, so I'll go back and shoot it in the next
    day or two. It's appalling.

    cheers, Mic (Reply address works...)

    "No one can earn a million dollars honestly."
    -- William Jennings Bryan
    M i c C u l l e n, Dec 10, 2003
  15. WoZ

    MD Guest

    Remember to shoot the owner as well as each and every light bulb. And don't
    stop there, it is contagious and will have spread to the neighbours.

    I am sure the electricity company are grinning from ear to ear!!
    Always reminds me of the old Chevy Chase Christmas Vacation, when he powers
    up the house and the whole suburban grid dims, and his electricity meter is
    spinning like a fan.

    MD, Dec 10, 2003
  16. WoZ

    David Guest

    12 gauge has too much possibility of "colateral damage"!! BB gun works for
    David, Dec 24, 2003
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