Shot at 24p.....digitized at 23.98p

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by AdrianV, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. AdrianV

    AdrianV Guest

    I am editing a feature on Final Cut Pro HD at the moment that was shot
    on DVPRO 50 23.98p (NTSC), but was digitized by a previous editor at
    24p (at least, when I check format info under item properties that's
    what it says).

    Can anyone tell me the implications of this......

    A sound mix is going to be done outside of final cut pro then
    re-imported - what are the potential implications re frame rate etc.

    What about onlining????

    What would happen if we tried to redigitize at 23.98, given that the
    timeline is currently at 24p....

    Other implications?

    Also....I am trying to make a DVD using DVD Studio Pro 2 but don't
    seem able to make it the results are very
    converts it to 30i I think (I'm new to DVD production and also to NTSC
    - recently moved from a PAL territory.....can anyone tell me what to
    do here?


    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    AdrianV, Sep 7, 2004
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  2. AdrianV

    nappy Guest

    was it just captured at 29.97 and the pulldown removed? Or, pulldown removed
    during capture? So now you have a 24p project? You shot it with a 24p

    hmm... let's see.. if you are going to use 24p material on the DVD you have
    to specifically tell the DVD player to add 3:2 pulldown to convert to NTSC
    during playback .. don't you? Someone may correct me on this as I know DVD
    players can do this but not suyre if DVDSP2 has amanual setting to enable
    this.. I would think it would.. I own it.. but rarely use it..
    nappy, Sep 7, 2004
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  3. AdrianV

    AdrianV Guest

    Hi Nappy,

    Thanks for responding......

    I actually got the issue a little confused in my title: project was
    shot at 23.98p and digitized at 24p - as stated correctly in the text
    of my message.....

    I am talking about the difference between 23.98p and 24p - NOT THE
    DIFFERENCE BETWEEN 24P AND 29.97i (standard NTSC).

    I hope someone can help me.....or is there a different group I should
    be posting this on????
    AdrianV, Sep 9, 2004
  4. AdrianV

    nappy Guest

    ok... what was your audio done on ? Is the audio being captured along wiht
    the video? If so you ought to be able to dela with this by using the proper
    sample rate in the editor. 48Khz -1%.

    HOw was it shot at 23.98 if I may ask?
    nappy, Sep 9, 2004
  5. AdrianV

    AdrianV Guest


    According to the DP the project was shot with a DV50 camera that was
    capable of shooting at 23.98p - and that is the setting they used.

    As far as I can work out, the audio was captured straight to the video

    I received the footage on firewire drives after everything was
    digitized etc, and the director and DP etc are in NYC while I am in LA
    - so I am just having to rely on what they tell me.........I guess if
    they tell me the wrong information and things stuff up, it's not my

    Sound is at 48Hz.

    So......are you saying the post sound guys will have to slow down the
    sound by 1% exactly? Which sound will they have to do this to? They
    will be taking OMFs that I export for them for the sound mix, then I
    guess adding sounds etc and mixing, and then giving them back to me to
    put back in final cut pro. What do we have to do to make sure this all
    works without sync issues do you think?

    AdrianV, Sep 10, 2004
  6. AdrianV

    nappy Guest

    Someone else may be more accurate with this answer but I think you may be OK
    since your audio was taken from the video. It _should_ still be in sync.
    I have a feeling that even though the capture setting in your NLE was 24 the
    video was actually at 23.98.

    I hope someone with concrete experience with the very problem will chime in

    best to ya!
    nappy, Sep 10, 2004
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