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Discussion in 'Photography' started by SteveB, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    I have a Sony DSC H1, and I am building a mount for it so that I can get
    about a foot from feeding hummingbirds. I need a shutter release cable that
    is about a foot long. The Sony does not have a pre drilled pre tapped
    receptacle for the common shutter release cable. So, I shall have to
    fabricate a mount for one, or build one.

    Does anyone know where I can buy a three to six foot long shutter release
    cable? I'm kind of stuck because my camera does not have a remote control,
    or even the machining to receive a cable.


    SteveB, Jul 10, 2007
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  2. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    I've googled and searched, and so far come up with only 28" models. I'll go
    to the local shops now. The whole affair will be somewhat large, and hang
    from a davit at my cabin. It will have to hold hummer feeder, the camera,
    and be able to be adjustable to catch the sun at different angles. None of
    this will be difficult, I just have to locate the pieces. I have even
    considered making a remote control servo with a pushing button. It's fun to
    piece this stuff together.

    Mainly what I want is to place the camera about 12" from the feeder. I'll
    get there, and post the fab shots and finished hummer pics on flickr, or in
    alt.binaries.birds. Thanks for the help.

    SteveB, Jul 10, 2007
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  3. SteveB

    JoeT Guest

    They're available at online retailers all over the net, just Google the
    words shutter release cable. Locally you can get one at any camera store or
    even BestBuy but not sure on lengths. Seek and ye shall find. I have always
    found it annoying more manufacturers wouldn't put such a simple feature on
    even the more advanced P&S cameras.

    Take pictures of the fabrication process to share with like minded users of
    that model after you've met with success!
    JoeT, Jul 10, 2007
  4. SteveB

    JoeT Guest

    I thought I'd found a 40" cable on but on closer inspection found
    it to be a typo and actually a 20" cable instead.
    JoeT, Jul 10, 2007
  5. SteveB

    Charles C. Guest

    Will this do? Releases&product=NP10129

    or short url

    Charles C., Jul 10, 2007
  6. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    SteveB, Jul 11, 2007
  7. SteveB

    Rob Morley Guest

    I have one beside me - the business end is exactly the same as a regular
    shutter release cable, the prong extends 1/2" on full squeeze.
    Rob Morley, Jul 11, 2007
  8. SteveB

    Paul Mitchum Guest

    Since you're fabricating the whole thing anyway, go to a bike store and
    get some brake cable.
    Paul Mitchum, Jul 13, 2007
  9. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    You got my vote for best suggestion. I was just at Radio shack asking about
    servos and actuators. Come to think of it, a brake cable would be perfect,
    AND, some have the threaded ends of the housings.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    SteveB, Jul 13, 2007
  10. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    Actually, no. I had thought of that, or a rod that I just twist. But this
    will be built at the end of a boom, need to be infinitely variable in
    adjustment alignment, and have to be reasonably steady. Pulling on anything
    very much would pull everything out of alignment or make the whole thing

    I am getting closer.

    SteveB, Jul 13, 2007
  11. SteveB

    Rob Morley Guest

    As he's making it from scratch a few bits of wood and string would do
    the job. :0)
    Rob Morley, Jul 13, 2007
  12. SteveB

    Rob Morley Guest

    One of the bits of wood is to steady it when you pull the string. Be
    aware that if you use something like a bike brake cable, any curve in it
    will also cause some movement when tension is applied. In fact there
    may even be a little movement if it's dead straight - gear cable would
    be a better bet as indexed gears require minimal compression in the
    outer casing in order to work properly.
    I've got a simple solution to the half-cocked thing, but you've probably
    come up with something much ... different.
    Rob Morley, Jul 13, 2007
  13. SteveB

    JoeT Guest

    We do get detailed pictures when you're finished though right?????
    JoeT, Jul 14, 2007
  14. SteveB

    Paul Mitchum Guest

    Servos would be cool, though. :) And you'd be set for kite aerial
    Paul Mitchum, Jul 14, 2007
  15. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    Yes, in alt.binaries.birds.

    SteveB, Jul 14, 2007
  16. SteveB

    JoeT Guest

    Are you serious? I meant pictures of the apparatus you build to attach your
    shutter release etc. lol
    JoeT, Jul 15, 2007
  17. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    Yes. Both the new pictures of the birds, and the process to build this will
    be displayed there so as to help other bird photographers.
    Alt.binaries.birds is not restricted to ONLY bird pictures. A lot of
    discussion takes place, also.

    SteveB, Jul 15, 2007
  18. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    My actual original idea was to do just such a thing. Sandwich a flat bar
    arm from the tripod socket hole up to the strategic point over the shutter
    release button, thread a receptacle, then find the ever elusive LONG shutter
    release cable to do the deed.

    SteveB, Jul 15, 2007
  19. SteveB

    dj_nme Guest

    I saw an alternative to using a servo motor actuator.
    It was made out of 3mm (1/8") aluminium sheet (maybe cut from extruded
    parts bout at a hardware shop) and was bent into a baseplate and a strip
    that goes up beside the grip and then bent over the shutter button.
    A 1/8" BSW threaded hole is then made directly above the shutter button.
    A 1/4" hole is made in the baseplate to match the tripod socket.
    A cheap cable-release can then be used to operate the shutter button and
    the whole thing is secured to the camera via a 1/4" BSW screw in the
    tripod socket or it could be sandwiched between the camera and QR plate
    using the tripod screw.
    dj_nme, Jul 15, 2007
  20. SteveB

    Rob Morley Guest>, dj_nme
    Not really an alternative - you still need something like this to mount
    a servo.
    Rob Morley, Jul 15, 2007
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