Shutter release problem solved

Discussion in 'Photography' started by SteveB, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    While surfing and contemplating my remote shutter release quandary, I came
    across the following:

    Mine shall be made of metal instead of wood, but this answers all my
    questions about how to do this, and where to get the components. (B&H)
    Now, to do it.

    SteveB, Jul 18, 2007
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  2. SteveB

    JoeT Guest

    Cool, You must truly love the Goldberg approach though. Me? I'd order the
    adjustable strap to attach the release cable but maybe you're planning to
    use the added bulk as part of your mounting scheme?

    Looks solid and workable even though the sample shots they used to
    demonstrate effectiveness look like they were done handheld from twice the
    cameras useful range!


    JoeT, Jul 19, 2007
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  3. SteveB

    SteveB Guest

    The situation that calls for me to dream up this in the first place is
    complex. My porch at the cabin is 12' off the ground. I hang a swinging
    davit off of that so I can hang feeders on it. Because of the roof line, I
    have to make the davits between six and ten feet long to get out into the
    sunshine at different times of day.

    My last brainstorm was to set my camera on macro, continuous focus, and
    about 12 to 18" from where the hummer will stick his beak into the feeder.
    For this I need the remote bulb shutter release. Previously, I have been
    using a 12x optical zoom from 36" to 70". Still can't get sharp focus, and
    in the sunny conditions, can't use big aperture to utilize depth of field.

    So, tomorrow, we go to the cabin for a couple of days, in which time I shall
    have time to try out this newest brain storm/fart.

    I have decided to make my Sony work rather than just go out and buy a much
    better camera with better lenses and all because I really think there's
    something here in the basics of photography I'm missing, and I know if I
    don't figure it out, I'll be taking the same out of focus pictures with a
    more expensive camera.

    Then, thrown into the mix, I'm in the throes of an interstate move of
    primary households, and the management of various other properties, so
    sometimes my photography consists of a couple of shots here and there and
    sixty seconds a day. Thusly, I try to get prepared with ideas for times
    like the next couple of days when I can try several different approaches.

    Ah. Photography. Such a relaxing hobby ....................


    Will post to flickr when I get some pictures.
    SteveB, Jul 19, 2007
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