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Discussion in 'Photography' started by PeterN, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Here are my comments:
    Overall, A nice eclectic grouping, showing a variety of interpretations.
    My comments are intended to state how I might have presented the image,
    and necessarily inject my own interpretation and style. Please feel free
    to disagree,

    2912-NEng-Road Trip
    Well Exposed, I like the dynamic angle. . Not sure I would have so many
    OOF on the subject.

    Simple nicely done graphic.

    like the fireworks trails. Would have liked a bit more intensified color.

    Tim Conway_old:
    curve aspect is there, but subtle. The image would benefit from cropping
    the bottom third. I wonder how it would be as a monochrome.

    Bowser- Kresge Auditorium:
    Good impact, possibly the image would benefit is the cars and lamppost
    on the left were either toned down, or cloned out.

    Bowser-State Center:
    Nice sharp, well done graphic. I might have added a bit more punch by
    presenting as a selenium toned monochrome.

    Good capture. Nice use of your lens.

    Eric Stevens-1:
    Great composition and use of lighting. Simple and effective.

    Eric Stevens-2:
    Good idea and well exposed. I would have cropped out the underside of
    the wharf. The bright underside takes my eye away from the mud & shadows.

    Eric Stevens-3:
    Good idea. I really like those repeating curves and light patterns. Wish
    I had all those Rolls Reese in my garage. A crop from the windshield up
    would eliminate the distracting signs, bright sky and create an ethereal
    abstract effect.

    Bob Coe-1;
    Strong graphic image. I like the reflections and color variations in the
    windows. the trees on the right keep the image from looking static. I
    would have cropped from the bottom of the wall. Too bad you couldn't
    move the orange fence and posts.

    Bob Coe -2:
    Nice capture of the building. The window reflections add character.

    Bob Coe-3:
    Sorry. This has too much going on for my taste. I don't see a strong
    center of interest,

    Martha Coe-1:
    Pleasant scene. the curved forest trail fits the mandate nicely. Now if
    only there was a Hippie smoking a pipe walking towards you on the bridge.

    Martha Coe-2:
    Nice delicate image. I would have liked to see it shot at eye level,
    rather than looking down.

    Martha Coe-3:
    Nicely done and simple. I would have tried to remove the highlight
    reflections. Perhaps placing a diffusion tent would work. Tell bob to
    get you one for Xmas. You do well with this type of shot.

    Tony Cooper-Dome:
    Good strong graphic the bright reflections are a tad distracting.

    Tony Cooper-Reflections:
    Another nice abstract from the street shooter. The image would benefit
    if the window frames were sharper. try intensive sharpening on the
    luminescence layer in LAB. If you overdo it, cut back on the opacity.

    Tony Cooper-Stained Glass:
    Nice, well done. Glad you intensified the colors.

    Cleary C-Waves:
    Nothing to say. A good capture, well presented.

    Well done presentation. A classic illustration of why showing less of
    the subject is more.

    Glad you showed the front grill off center. Good use of DOF.

    Nice idea. I would have liked to see the front of the image a lot sharper.

    it's a picture of a statue. I see no special interpretation, sorry.

    good clean graphic;. Holds my attention. I would have cropped out the
    bottom, below the platform.

    Nice clean and simple. Good seeing. Can you tone down the highlight at
    the bottom.

    Jim Blue-Old.
    welcome to the group. I don't recall seeing your work before. Really
    nice composition. And I like the contrast of the orange against the
    blue, and the sky looks perfect for this image. Well done.

    nice tight image. Holds my interest. Could be improved by cloning out
    the seemingly unattached finger.

    Well exposed, you present your subject nicely. there is good background
    separation. But, sorry, there is not enough texture in the trunk to hold
    my interest.

    Nice seeing of the contrails. It seems to need something more.

    Has an air of mystery. Well composed and presented. Good use of DOF.

    Thank you guys, for playing. Looking forward to your responses.
    PeterN, Nov 23, 2012
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  2. PeterN

    Alan Browne Guest


    'the subject' can be subjective. When I took the photo it was more
    about catching the markings on the major 'dial' of the clock.

    This photo was not a submission for the mandate - it was the 'mascot'
    shot from when the mandate was put up.

    The Grand Lord Executioner is welcome to remove it now that submissions
    are up.
    Alan Browne, Nov 23, 2012
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  3. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Nov 24, 2012
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