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Discussion in 'Photography' started by PeterN, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Happy to see this participation. I thought I would be the only one
    submitting benches. I was wrong.
    Now for my comments:
    The Duck:
    01 Good BW conversion, goo range of tomes. I like the placement of the
    bench. The dynamic angle of the path makes me want to walk further,
    after dropping my candy wrapper n the garbage pail.
    02 The conversion looks flat to me. The lights in the background are
    distracting and there are too many benches skewed randomly, for my
    taste. Sorry, not your best work.
    03 Nice seeing. Good capture. Makes me want to just sit down and enjoy
    a gurger with a malt, or wings with a pleasant companion, washed down
    with a a nice cool beer. Well done.

    Tony Cooper:
    Dead mans hand and skeletons. Gives a wole new meanng to table top
    photograpjy. I read your comment, but am still convinced that the Duck
    intended no pun when he said you shots were out of the box. I am usually
    not a fan of table top, but your shooting angle and exposure leave me
    interested in what is going on.
    Dentist Chair - Ouch, what is that touch of red doing in the image.
    Your shooting angle and the reflections create interest in what could
    otherwise have been a mundane catalogue shot.

    001 - I like the conept and the dynamic angle of the shadows. Too bad
    the white rope is out of focus.
    002- This jimage just doesn’t hit me right. The chair, although green
    seems to conflict with the background.

    PhotoPhartz: welcome to the group
    Fiddle - although I miss how it fits the mandate, the image is well
    complsed and interesting to me. Although centered, since it is at a
    slight angle, it appears to be ready for use. It was not necessary to
    show the whle fiddle, your crop lends a neat abstract to your image.
    Nicely done.
    Radio - What can I say. The tone of the capture exactly fits the mood
    of the radio. It is sitting there, just waiting for folks to crtowd
    around to listen to the Green Hornet.
    Workstation. I see the contrast between the quiet moods of your prior
    images, and the hectic, frenetic conglomeration of articles. The image
    belongs in article commenting on the franitc, multi-tasking pace of the
    computer world. But as a stand alone image, sorry, much too busy for my

    01- Nicely done. The items belong together, nice seeing. I guess the
    mechanic sits on the ladder, while he decides how much to charge.
    02 - Well exposed. It is difficult to shoot white, but you did it well.
    However, it is not clear to me whether you have a picture of a bench in
    front of a church, or a church with a bench in front of it. Perhaps if
    you shot closer to the bench, and put more of a blur on the church, and
    the bench was slightly less centered, your intent would have been more
    03 - This image has everyting going for it. You have mastered the
    difficulty in spearating white from white, and it works. Kudus

    01 - Nicely done. In this case the “dead space’ works. Makes the chair
    look lake a comfortable place to plop down.
    02 - A mysterious abstract. I would have put a ventricle crop just to
    the left of the rail. My preference would be for a sharper image.
    03 - looks like the cat sharpened its claws on the cushion. Too bad it
    not quite sharp. Perhaps shooting at a snakker aoerature would help.

    Sandman: wekcine and thank you for playing.
    Your plaement angle lends interest. The subject os not the most
    photogenic, but you have done well with your choice. I can’t decide
    whether the floor reflections are distracting. They provide a separation
    of the table top from the floor, but I keep tending to look at them
    instead of the table. Perhaps if they were toned down a bit.

    Yours truly. A confession in the Monhegan shot, I thought the sky too
    empty, so I placed the birds. I truly love the quiet beauty on Monhegan
    Island. I hope this image captured how I feel about the place.

    Beautiful scene, without the stone bench. I wonder why the bench is not
    facing the ocean, unless there is someting even nicer that we cannot
    see. I like the multiple layers in the background. Perhaps a slight
    vignette would keep my eyes from wandering.

    Thanks to all for playing. I hope my comments are not taken personally,
    as they are intended to be helpful.
    PeterN, Jun 11, 2013
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  2. PeterN

    Savageduck Guest

    All comments noted.

    It is a book shelf with albums books and the violin. Shelves and/or
    shelving is certainly furniture.
    Savageduck, Jun 11, 2013
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  3. PeterN

    PeterN Guest

    Yes it is, but, I still like the image, even if the shelf wasn't too
    PeterN, Jun 11, 2013
  4. PeterN

    PhotoPhartz Guest

    There's that, plus there was mention in the definition on the rulz page
    about accesories and the word "ornament" was used. There's also a couple
    of guitars and a mandolin that sit nearby, always out, ready to be plinked
    on. For me the instruments are like furniture that can be really be put to
    good use. Alway a part of any room I live in.
    PhotoPhartz, Jun 11, 2013
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