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Discussion in 'Photography' started by peternew, Jul 21, 2012.

  1. peternew

    peternew Guest

    I am commenting only on those images where I have something to say. My
    failure to comment on any other images should not be taken to mean
    anything other than I am sometimes lazy.

    Alan Brown 1

    I like the interplay of the shadows and chair, As Tony Cooper said, this
    image would be stronger without the upper left distraction.

    Watchmaker 2. Interesting use of OOF to emphasize the subject and give
    it context.

    Watchmaker 3. Nice concept. I would like to see a bit more shadow detail.

    Max Duryee 1 - Good clean and simple design. Perhaps the use of a filter
    over the strobe unit would cut the glare.

    Max Duryee 2 - Fits the theme. My personal preference with this type of
    image is for both to be explsed evenly. I am distracted by the highlight
    on the left.

    Max Duryee 3 - Nicely done repetition. I like the interplay of the
    strong vertical lines and the weaker diagonals & curves. Good seeing.

    Duck 1 - Not clear which repetition is central. Looks a tad cluttered to me.

    Duck 2 - to my eye a pano shot of just the bottom of the boat, from the
    rail line down, and ending at the bow, would make a stronger image.

    Duck 3 - Good concept. I think the image would benefit from a tad more
    saturation in the canoes, and elimination of the upper left bright spot.

    Otter 1 - good pattern seeing.

    Otter 2 - I like the contrast of the orange seat in the green rows. I
    have previously given my thoughts on a diagonal presentation.

    Otter 3 - Unique POV. The transmission towers fit the theme nicely. If
    you crop at the left of the leftmost building, the theme will be stronger.

    KurtP 1 - well exposed. There is too much merger between the dark
    glasses and the background for my taste.

    KurtP 2 - I am not a big fan of table top, but this one works. Happy to
    see you did not try to show the complete glasses. Well done.

    KurtP 3 - Unique and nicely composed.

    Tony Cooper Lorikeets - Nice to see Tony stepping outside his comfort
    zone. We have beaten the color issues to death. I think you have
    accurately represented the species. Unfortunately, the two birds are
    just there. They are not really relating to each other. Also, I would
    crop out everything below the top of the branch.

    Railroad tracks. - I like the bottom using the entire width and the
    tracks merging down to a hair. The lack of detail in the trees and
    brightness of the sky detract from this nice composition. Please don’t
    take this wrong, but this image cries out for judicious use of HDR.

    Marmosets - The one on the right is too bright. And the animals are
    not relating to each other. It is like two separate pictures.

    Cleary C. Bird fight - The right moment was captured. Both birds are
    definitely relating. A dark background would make a stronger image. The
    background can easily be made darker by setting the camera to use high
    speed sync. Then use a manual exposure of say f8 at 1/4,000. Assuming
    that is possible with her camera.

    Cleary C. Pair of Lovers. - Nice capture. See my above comments.

    Cleary C. Sunflower - Quite creative . It takews a good eye to recognize
    the beauty of the back of the flower. Well done.

    Dave C. Pair of Drops - Good seeing. The two top Fuschias are merged as
    one so that we have a nice triangle with the drops as a base. Too bad
    the topps just a tad OOF.

    Tim Conway 1 - It is hard to capture the white feather
    detail. But you have succeeded. Unfortunately the birds anre not
    relating to each other.

    Tim Conway 2 - Good exposure, nice color. It would be helpful to see
    more of the reflection.

    Me. Parade - Saw these folks walking towards me, so I shot the image
    almost as a goof.

    EricS 1 - Good seeing and nicely presented.

    EricS 2 - Highly imagininative and it works. Well done.

    EricS 3 - Sorry, the subject is too small and the colors too muted for
    my taste. Perhaps a tighter crop would help.

    MG Mates, Reflections - fits the theme. Nicely composed. Are you having
    an issue with color saturation, or do you like to shoot foggy?

    MG Twins - Cute image. Too bad they are OOF and the h8ighlights blown.
    Perhaps you might set your exposure on the white and/or underexpose by 2

    Martha Coe 3. Interesting. I wonder if cropping to the left of the
    middle of the gable would strengthen the image.

    Bowser 3. - Nice seeing.

    Dan Petre 1 - Good seeing. I wonder if a Siskerized sky would help the
    merger between the building and the skyu.

    Dan Petre 2 - What’s to say. A nicely done well planned and executed
    image. IMHO one of the best.
    peternew, Jul 21, 2012
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  2. peternew

    Tim Conway Guest

    I agree. I only shot it this way so as to have the deer on the lower left
    third. I wish somehow I could've caught more of the reflection, because
    those reds were beautiful.
    Thanks for commenting.
    Tim Conway, Jul 21, 2012
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  3. peternew

    tony cooper Guest

    Thanks for the comment, but in this processing - using only Threshold
    - no detail is retained. Only what is black, and what is white, is
    retained. In Photoshop, the image from the camera is opened, a
    Threshold Adjustment Layer is opened, and the slider is moved to
    adjust what is, and is not, left. No other steps are taken. It's an
    interesting exercise.

    I also did this with an image of one of my grandsons:

    and of a Ferris Wheel:

    Like you with abstracts, I like to play around with processing
    techniques for different effects.
    tony cooper, Jul 21, 2012
  4. peternew

    PeterN Guest

    Welcome to the world of abstracts. Your images are strong monochrome
    posterizations. Keep playing.
    PeterN, Jul 22, 2012
  5. peternew

    KurtP Guest

    Tried the version with the light colored wall background, I think the submitted one worked better. The edges of the glasses are more defined with the dark background.
    Thanks a lot for your comments.

    KurtP, Jul 23, 2012
  6. peternew

    PeterN Guest

    PeterN, Jul 24, 2012
  7. peternew

    PeterN Guest

    From a composition standpoint I too prefer the original version. I
    wonder if lighter colored glasses would work.
    PeterN, Jul 24, 2012
  8. peternew

    Tim Conway Guest

    Tim Conway, Jul 24, 2012
  9. peternew

    PeterN Guest

    Thank you.
    PeterN, Jul 24, 2012
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