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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Peter, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Here are my short comments:
    Bowser 1:
    Using the square format sometimes makes composition difficult. It is a
    nice shot of the street sweeper but he is too centered leading to a
    static image. A vertical crop slightly below him and a vertical crop of
    the superfluous right side of the image would make it stronger.

    Bowser 2:
    This is a very nice capture. I very much like you would use of angles.
    I think that a vertical crop slightly to the left of the cart would
    eliminate wasted space and make your image even stronger.

    Bowser 3:
    Good capture. Was this guy yelling because he was about to be towed
    away? I would like to see just a tad more total rangeGood capture. Was
    this guy yelling because he was about to be towed away? I would like to
    see just a tad more total range.

    Rob 1;
    Nice capture of a guy at work. The two arms from two different people
    show him to be a pretty busy guy. If possible, I would like for those
    arms to be more in focus. The image is much too soft.

    Rob 2:
    Nice pattern shot. I do not agree with the Duck when he says it is not
    strictly Street photography. However, I will leave it up to Tony Cooper
    to make the final decision. I like the image.

    Rob 3:
    This is a really neat capture of the artist at work. Everything flows as
    I would expect and his redshirt nicely complements his painting.

    Duck 1:
    You have nicely captured the moment, and piqued my curiosity as to just
    what is this dude looking at. I like the repetition of the blue
    umbrella. However, that bright bald sky keeps drawing my eye away from
    the main scene.

    Duck 2:
    He has a hopeless despondent look. I would like to see more of his face.

    Duck 3:
    I wonder if he could juggle those clubs while riding that bicycle.

    Cooper Atelier:
    This is good seeing, with nice tonal range. There are really two
    pictures within this image. For me the door is distracting from the main
    image. I would have propped out everything from the left-hand part of
    the doorframe.

    Cooper Musical Rest:
    Nice capture of the musicians at rest. I assume the girl is either a
    singer or a flautist. Blurring or darkening the background would have
    made these guys stand out more.

    Cooper Tired:
    Tired, or despondent that they have just been turned down for a loan?
    The moment has been captured. Well done.

    Good capture of a whimsical moment:

    Bob Coe 1:
    I like that this was not shot with a level viewfinder. The angles and
    placement give us a good sense of time and place.

    Bob Coe 2:
    If a sense of disjointed clutter is what you wanted to convey, you have
    been successful. Sorry, this image just doesn't feel right to me.

    Bob Coe 3:
    This is a nice night shot conveying a sense of what a lonely place this
    must be at night. A little old lady pushing a shopping cart across the
    street would have added to that sense of loneliness.

    Yours truly:
    Almost off.
    I stood there quite a while in an anticipation which failed to
    materialize. :-(

    Aquaduct- both images.

    I was experimenting with available light and very high ISO, since I was
    unable to use flash at that location. The tonal range is a lot flatter
    than I would have hoped it would be, but my choice was those images or
    no images.
    Peter, Jan 8, 2013
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  2. Peter

    Savageduck Guest

    Yup! I was shooting to the South and the Sun was right behind the trees
    and the buildings in the background, there was a light overcast and the
    Sun just washed out the sky. I was tempted to neutralize that by using
    a tame B&W conversion with a light sepia, but decided against it. This
    guy need to be in color.
    He was looking at some local farm made preserves and olive oil.
    Hence the B&W with a warm tone. There was nothing but hopelessness and
    despondence about him. As far as seeing more of his face goes it would
    not have added to the character of the image. I had initially
    approached him from the other side of the intersection to his left.
    When I first saw him I shot about five shots. I had a clearer view of
    his face which had a bloated alcoholic look to it. The wino at the end
    of his string, devoid of character. I have the shots, but I find them
    The one I submitted tells a better story, and hopeless best describes
    him regardless of any best wishes on my part, or on the part of other
    This was a character totally absorbed in his juggling, oblivious to all
    else around him. I have no doubt that he would be fully capable of
    juggling while standing on his head on the bicycle saddle.
    He seemed to be a zen juggler.
    Savageduck, Jan 8, 2013
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