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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Calvin Sambrook, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Here are my thoughts on this month's SI, as usual there are some great

    road.jpg: A cracker to start with, the strong lighting and harsh shadows as
    well as the pure sky, the composition and the detail in the rocks take this
    from being a snap to a photo. Terrific.

    RLT-End of the Road-TonyCooper.jpg: I love this, it shouts 'spooky' at me.
    I particularly like the desaturated colours which combine with the
    overhanging trees really well. The composition is great too with the road
    slicing across the bottom third. Well done.

    RLT-Road Closed-TonyCooper.jpg: Well it fits the mandate but for me this
    isn't such a great shot. At a technical level I think Tony has managed to
    control the DOF to leave just the right amount of sharpness in the
    background to draw the attention to the fence and signs while still leaving
    the background clear enough to add to the message. I'm not at all sure
    about the composition but then I don't suppose there was much opportunity to
    ask them to move things!

    RLT_Alan_Browne_3.jpg: I don't get it. For me there's too much confusion in
    this shot, the background is too sharp and has strong components which mask
    the foreground. The composition is strange too and doesn't draw my eye to
    any individual part. Oh and I don't see how it fits the mandate, but that's
    probably just me.

    RLT_BobCoe_1_old.JPG: I quite like this and I don't really know why. The
    flat sky helps along with the desaturated look. The triangular composition
    is so simple, it really forces attention onto the complex, jumbled
    structures on the right. Nice.

    RLT_BobCoe_2.JPG: I really don't get this one. My eye get's dragged off all
    over the place, the pipes, the backs of the people, the ladder. I simply
    don't know what it's trying to say. Oh, and the verticals aren't.

    RLT_BobCoe_3.JPG: This is so simple and I don't really think I'd call it a
    great photo but I do like the way the Do Not Enter sign has been made to
    physically block the road. Doing that and putting it on the third was a
    great idea.

    RLT_MarthaCoe_1_old.JPG: There's no enough 'punch' in this for me. The eye
    height camera position and the centre position of the car as well as the
    relative size of the car add boredom factor. Imagine if it was shot from
    very low down or from very close to the wreck - I think it would look

    RLT_MarthaCoe_2_old.JPG: This feels imposing which is what is intended I
    guess. I like the way the gate is used to divide the shot into roughly
    equal thirds. The fill flash (it that's what was used) makes the sign stand
    out which draws attention to it immediately. I'd have cropped the
    distracting gap on the far right though.

    Road-Savageduck-01w.jpg: A great shot, the energy and tension portrayed in
    the model's stance are fantastic - the head down adds determination and I
    think those clenched fists contribute far more than there fair share of
    impact to this shot. The muted colours and the choice of using camo gear
    work well too ass does the general composition.

    Road-Savageduck-02w.jpg I quite like the lightning and colours but this is
    just a snap to me.

    Road-Savageduck-03w.jpg: This is all about the composition isn't it, the
    gnarled and twisted trees hinting at the twist in the track - very nice.

    RoadLessTravelled Alan Browne 1.jpg: ? An interesting shot but not for me
    I'm afraid.

    RoadLessTravelled-Alan-1.jpg: Call me boring but I just see a snap here.
    What am I missing?

    RoadLessTravelled_Alan2.jpg: Now this is a photograph, the composition is
    great, the colours are subtle and yet still interesting and the smooth roll
    between the various elements perfect.

    SI The Road Less Travelled.jpg: Some idiot forgot to add their name - Oh,
    that was me - sorry! I would have preferred a more plain background to this
    shot but this was the best I could do - every other angle was worse. The
    American War Cemetery in Cambridge (UK) is kept in perfect, crisp condition
    and sadly has thousands of crosses arranged like this. I chose a day which
    was bright but not sunny as I didn't want lots of shadows confusing the eye
    and I over-contrasted a little to burn out the whites and remove detail to
    make them more uniform. Hopefully the mower lines in the grass add to the
    impression of a road curving away into the distance, this was the only one
    like that. It's hard to tell from the photo but these crosses are about
    waist height but the camera angle is intended to make them more imposing and
    hopefully trick the eye into thinking they are above your head.

    road_Tim_Conway_old.jpg: This could have done with something to imply
    movement, maybe some blurring or cheat a bit and smudge the tyre pattern in
    post. I like the camera angle which draws attention to the tortoise while
    still making it look insignificant but I guess that gave rise to those nasty
    reflections on the windscreen, too bad. A nice compositional touch to
    offset it all to the left and have the tortoise heading to the right, it
    implies he has a long way to go yet!

    rtl_bowser.jpg: I nearly submitted a church shot for The Road Less Travelled
    too. I like the rich colours in this and the clever use of contrast and
    shadows along with the stark frontage really works.

    Once again, I hope I've not been too nasty about anyone's favourite photo
    although looking back over these comments it seems I like at least one
    submission from everyone which is a relief!
    Calvin Sambrook, Jul 20, 2009
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  2. Calvin Sambrook

    Paul Furman Guest

    Thanks for the detailed and thoughtful comments! I finally got it
    together & did likewise for this round.

    Paul Furman

    all google groups messages filtered due to spam
    Paul Furman, Jul 23, 2009
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