Sigma.. Specifically 120-400 MM Stabilised....

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by loopy livernose, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. Dear all..

    I know Sigma seem to get a VERY bad rep, and it seems everyone (well most)
    love to hate them..

    I have been looking at the above lens, because its in my price range
    whereas the Canon 100-400 would be a real struggle Financially.. I am a
    Hobby photographer.. and 90%+ of my shots are never seen by anyone other
    than me (which I daresay is the same for most of us). I take Wildlife,
    occasionally birds and Family type pictures (although usually use the G9
    for those)..

    My camera is a canon 500d. so not a "pro camera" so I am thinking a non
    Pro lens should be ok..

    has anyone here used the 120-400? sigma?

    I have read many reviews.. and only a few say negative things about the
    sigma.. most Rave about it.. although many add the proviso "for the
    price".. which kind of negates the whole review..

    I also read a comparison with the Canon 400 prime which made the Sigma seem
    very poor, but again a prime lens is ALWAYS going to out perform a zoom..

    sadly the nearest stockist where I could try one is over 100 miles away..
    I have had a chance to use the Canon 100-400 and was VERY impressed..

    so basically.. should I carry on saving.. and get the canon 100-400L
    (although I hear there are some bad examples which make the Sigma look

    or bite the bullet, and get the Sigma.. and maybe upgrade to the Canon
    some time in the future if I feel the need?

    Many thanks for reading this long post.. I didn't want people thinking I
    haven't done any research myself.

    Lastly, please no flame wars.. if you don't like sigma purely because you
    can afford canon/Nikon.. your posts wont really be helpful.

    Many thanks!!

    loopy livernose, Jan 22, 2010
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  2. loopy livernose

    Paul Giverin Guest


    Its your call but remember that good glass is for life. You might not
    have a pro camera now but who knows what you will have in the future.

    I confess that I don't know anything about the two lenses..... they are
    too long for my needs but if the Sigma is good optically then perhaps it
    might come down to the build quality. The Canon has its excellent "L"
    build but I don't know what the Sigma is like.

    I've just compared the prices of the two lenses and the Sigma is almost
    half the price of the Canon. If the build quality of the Sigma is decent
    then I would probably go for that. And for the record, all the lenses
    for my EOS cameras are Canon ;)
    Paul Giverin, Jan 22, 2010
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  3. Maybe not if you buy a Sigma. I'm one of those who's had a very bad
    experience with Sigma build quality. A different lens but I discovered to
    my cost that they make their 70-300 zoom "just good enough", or not in my
    case as it striped its focus gears. Then I found out how common the problem
    Calvin Sambrook, Jan 25, 2010
  4. thank you for all advice.

    I, in the end, took the trip, and tried out the Sigma, the 70 - 200 f4 IS L
    Canon, with extender, and the 100-400 canon.. hands down the 100-400 canon
    won the day.. not quite as sharp as the 70-200 but sharper than the 70-200
    + 2x extender and more solid too! as others have said, the 120-400 sigma
    felt.. well far less solid than the Canon's.. I still think from the
    feeling on the day it was a good lens.. but once I had used the Canon.. I
    couldn't go back, the Quality feel just finished the deal.

    looks Funky on the 500D even with battery grip.. but I took on board the
    comments about good glass being for life..

    Many thanks..

    loopy livernose, Jan 26, 2010
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