Sigma's kind of ugly new Foveon camera

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by RichA, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. RichA

    RichA Guest

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  2. RichA

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Feb 10, 2014
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  3. Usenet Account, Feb 10, 2014
  4. RichA

    Savageduck Guest

    Savageduck, Feb 10, 2014
  5. RichA

    Savageduck Guest

    Well, it is sort of minimalist, so they might as well be consistent.
    Savageduck, Feb 10, 2014
  6. RichA

    Guest Guest

    nothing they do is consistent.
    Guest, Feb 10, 2014
  7. RichA

    Eric Stevens Guest

    Eric Stevens, Feb 10, 2014
  8. RichA

    Guest Guest

    Well, it is sort of minimalist, so they might as well be consistent.[/QUOTE]

    looks like they've wasted no time in pushing the lies.

    sigma is calling it 60 megapixels. that's some seriously creative math.

    Guest, Feb 10, 2014
  9. RichA

    Sandman Guest

    Seriously? I mean, you don't have to like the designs of Ive, but you can
    hardly claim that this abomination is remniscient to anything he has ever
    Sandman, Feb 10, 2014
  10. RichA

    David Taylor Guest

    Sigma must be kicking themselves for the amount of money wasted on
    Foveon .... stick to the more profitable lenses!
    David Taylor, Feb 10, 2014
  11. RichA

    Savageduck Guest

    Just a joke lost in translation.
    Savageduck, Feb 10, 2014
  12. RichA

    Guest Guest

    sigma has no choice, and it's not in their culture to admit failure

    foveon was about to file for bankruptcy, which would have been a
    perfect time to ditch it, but that would have left sigma's entire
    camera strategy for dead, so sigma bought foveon instead.

    because it was a firesale, it was actually cheaper than writing off the
    cameras they would have no longer been able to make. now they're stuck
    making them.
    Guest, Feb 10, 2014
  13. RichA

    J. Clarke Guest

    Why does it make me think of Gumby taking a nap?
    J. Clarke, Feb 11, 2014
  14. Or his casket! I am Gumby! dammit...
    Usenet Account, Feb 11, 2014
  15. RichA

    Sandman Guest

    Huh, I wonder what word(s) I didn't understand...
    Sandman, Feb 11, 2014
  16. RichA

    Savageduck Guest

    Oh! I am sure you understood each and every "word", but you missed the
    spirit in which they were typed, and the very intentional humor.
    I guess even if the words of the language read or spoken are
    understood, folks can make different interpretations of what is there.
    In this case Ive, like it or not, is noted for his minimalist and clean
    designs. The joke is in the extrapolation of that hideous Sigma
    minimalist effort, to Ive's reputation for minimalism.

    As I said, a joke lost in translation.
    Sometimes a dictionary cannot cross cultural divides, but that's OK.
    Some how we should be able to find a way to reach an understanding of
    what each of us is actually trying to say. Sometimes attempts at humor
    have to be explained, and even then all parties might not quite get it.
    Savageduck, Feb 11, 2014
  17. RichA

    Sandman Guest

    Well, that much was obvious! :)
    Huh, ok. I just found it jarring with the otheriwse disparaging opinion you
    expressed about the design, hence my confusion. :)
    I'm not sure the expression "lost in translation" is apt here, though. It
    usually signifies something that loses or changes meaning when translated
    to another language or medium.

    So, Lord of the Rings has a lot of things "lost in translation" to the
    movie medium, while some cultural sayings are lost in translation when
    tranlsated to another language. Like "Who's on first base", which wouldn't
    be a joke at all in most languages other than English.

    Since what you said was in Englisg, your native tounge, and read by me in
    English, something I'm quite proficient in, nothing was really lost in any
    translation. I.e. nothing you said was "translated" to Swedish on my end
    and your intended meaning was lost in that translation.

    You just connected the concept of minimalistic designs with Ive, which
    wasn't lost, only that you didn't mean it to be dispaaging about Ive's
    other designs, which I would claim isn't "kept" when interpreted as-is
    either. I'm not saying you made a mistake, and the confusion was wholly
    mine, but not due to some language barrier or something to that effect. It
    was just two - to me - contradictory statements.
    Indeed. And it doesn't always happen across language differences either. :)
    Sandman, Feb 11, 2014
  18. RichA

    Whisky-dave Guest

    'orrible init
    Who's that ?

    why do americans have to change his name.
    He is Jonathan Paul Ive born in East London.
    Whisky-dave, Feb 11, 2014
  19. RichA

    Mr. Strat Guest

    Mr. Strat, Feb 11, 2014
  20. RichA

    J. Clarke Guest

    Mostly by making pretty decent competitively priced lenses and
    reasonably reliable if not particularly compatible flash equipment.
    J. Clarke, Feb 11, 2014
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