Silly question about TV commercials in HD video

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by cam35pilot, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. cam35pilot

    cam35pilot Guest

    I am aware of the types of tapes that TV commercials used to be
    submitted on, but I was wondering what format they use for HD digital
    videos. Are they MPEG-2 or MPEG-4? I use Sony Vegas, and if I wanted
    to make a commercial for my business for local access cable, how would
    the set-up go? Just curious at this point. Thanks.
    cam35pilot, Mar 6, 2009
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  2. cam35pilot

    David McCall Guest

    I'd say that it's all over the place at the moment.
    You need to communicate with the folks that you are sending the commercial
    Best if you can talk directly to the person that is going to injest it.
    There could be options that are beyond an administrator or sales staff.

    David McCall, Mar 6, 2009
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  3. cam35pilot

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    I agree with David's suggestion.
    I provide shows to our local cable company on an occasional basis.
    When they got a playback server, I spent some time with the operator
    figuring out what type of file to supply him so that I didn't have to
    waste time rendering to tape and he didn't have to waste time injesting
    said tape.
    Now I bring a hard drive & USB cable and in less than 10 minutes, a 2
    hr. show is in his server :)

    Mike Kujbida, Mar 6, 2009
  4. cam35pilot

    David McCall Guest

    Now that is definitely the way to go.
    You get to control the way the compression is handled.

    Just curious, what server are they using?

    We do a show in Vegas that gets distributed to all of the hotels.
    I think they have a SeaChange server, but the ONLY thing they
    would accept (according to our sales rep) was good OLD
    Betacam SP. I'm goint to try to change that the next time we
    do a show out there.

    Now, there is another issue to entertain.4x3 vs 16x9?
    Which format to design the show for is the question.
    I've caught cable networks accidently using clips in the wrong format.
    16x9 is now, but there is still a lot of legesy 4x3 out there
    Last we checked, many of the hotels have switched to 16x9 TVs,
    but not all. The server is still SD. Someday that will change too.

    David McCall, Mar 6, 2009
  5. cam35pilot

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Sorry but I can't remember the make/model.
    All I can tell you is that it takes an MPEG-2 file with embedded audio
    and is still SD 4:3 mono (this is a cheap Canadian outlet).
    BTW, Canada isn't scheduled to do the DTV changeover until 2011 or 2012.
    I set up a template for this in my Vegas suite (8 MB. CBR as I recall),
    render the file and bring it down to them.
    I've been told that they're getting a new server soon so that means my
    "learning process" will start once again.

    Mike Kujbida, Mar 6, 2009
  6. That's all ove the map. AVI, MOV, etc. Mpeg2, probably. No certain standard

    Many stations use this to get what's needed:

    I'm guessing not to bring a DVD that needs to be played out, but something
    with the AVI, MOV, etc file.

    Just a suggestion.

    Yeah, don't call the sales or programming people at the TV station, call a
    tech person, Chief Engineer/Director of Engineering. They'd much prefer
    getting it in house correctly, as opposed to it showing up needing ingest 5
    minutes to air and no way to figure out in that time what/where needs to be
    done/in what player.

    George Csahanin, Mar 9, 2009
  7. cam35pilot

    Rory Guest

    FTP an avi
    they'll paste it into the media server
    Rory, Mar 11, 2009
  8. cam35pilot

    mkujbida Guest

    Not if they don't take AVIs.
    This is why it's always best to ask someone who knows for sure.

    mkujbida, Mar 11, 2009
  9. cam35pilot

    Matthew Guest

    Depending on where you are located I would say good luck with that. We send
    out commercials to two of the larger sized cities in our area and no one is
    taking HD footage yet (well actually one station out of 9 we advertise on
    does). Some say they may make the switch by the end of 3rd quarter, but most
    say it will be at least 4th quarter '09 or possibly even next year before
    they will upgrade their equipment to the point of accepting locally produced
    HD material. And they all give the same reason... the economy.
    Matthew, Mar 11, 2009
  10. cam35pilot

    cam35pilot Guest

    Thanks for the responses. It's kind of on 'back-burner" status now,
    but I'd like to pursue it on my own as I did study TV production 6
    years ago in college. I'm totally in the dark about DVD's, all the
    codecs and crap.

    I actually burned a sample last night, the first DVD I ever burned. I
    did it with the accompanying Sony DVD architect, and it was crap. I
    had created a 1440 WMV file that looked great, but when I did the
    MPEG-2 file on DVD Architecht, it was 720 workspace (that was the
    highest option) and the video was all jittery.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to what I did wrong? I took some
    footage off of an MPEG-2 DVD given to us, and some HD captures that I
    shot on my Sony HDFX-1 (so I assume there were different compression
    rates here?), along with some stills I shot (Nikon D300). The stills
    looked great, but the video "hung up" a couple of times. Should I have
    not selected MPEG-2?

    Aside from any potential professional work, I'd like to just create
    some "family" type of DVDs with both the HD video and my stills. I
    think I might need a class in HD editing.
    cam35pilot, Mar 12, 2009
  11. cam35pilot

    mkujbida Guest

    I suggest that, rather than having this buried in an unrelated thread,
    you start a new one.
    Vegas is more than capable of turning out a good quality product and
    there are a few Vegas users here who can offfer sugestions to get you
    to where you want to be.

    mkujbida, Mar 12, 2009
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