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Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by David Littlewood, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Anyone have any experiences to report about this company?

    Their prices are very attractive, but I have seen some mixed reports
    bout their service. How are they about honouring their warranties? Are
    the cameras they sell regular imports recognised by, for example, Canon
    UK? Or are they grey imports? If so, does this cause problems?

    David Littlewood, Dec 20, 2009
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  2. Their prices are very tempting but after looking at the small print and
    reading about other people's experiences I decided to stick with a UK

    Given the prices there's only one way they can be doing it and that is
    grey imports, and there's the ambiguous nature of the VAT/import duties
    and whether they're actually being paid or not. As the purchaser we are
    liable if they haven't.

    Non-manufacturer warranties are a big concern as well.

    After buying a fair bit of stuff lately and reading up on various sites
    I've been appalled at the number of internet sites purpoting to be
    'legit' but are actually flogging off grey imports, seconds and refurbs
    on the sly.

    My general rule is if it seems too good to be true then it almost
    certainly is. All my stuff has been bought at good prices from various
    UK-based stores (Dabs,, RGB Photo and Jessops) most I've
    had long satisfactory histories with.

    Doctor J. Frink, Dec 21, 2009
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  3. David Littlewood

    Alan Wrigley Guest

    I agree in principle, but as a VAT-registered business I also have an additional
    problem with some sites which sometimes applies to Amazon as well. Goods sold
    directly by Amazon are no problem but many Amazon partners are not
    VAT-registered which means that the price you pay may be more than the ex-VAT
    price you would pay elsewhere. I've even had a problem with a UK-based
    VAT-registered Amazon partner who insisted it was Amazon's responsibility to
    issue a VAT invoice while Amazon insisted it was the retailer's.

    Many of the 'dodgy' online retailers are not VAT-registered so the same caveat

    I've started using when buying equipment. I used it
    recently to get the best price for a Canon 5D MkII and ended up buying from
    Jacobs who had the best deal. Since I know they exist physically and I've bought
    from them satisfactorily before, I felt on safe ground.

    Alan Wrigley, Dec 21, 2009
  4. David Littlewood

    MB Guest

    The message <>

    It is becoming quite a problem, I received bought two (non-photographic)
    items. They were around £120 each at most sites but one stationery
    supplier had them at about £80. They had a very comprehensive range on
    their site, glowing reports on review sites but I was just uneasy about
    them, not helped by their being no postal address anywhere on the
    website. I found one supplier a few pounds cheaper than others then saw
    that they wanted to change much higher carriage for North of Scotland so
    ended up going through a dealer who worked through Amazon because I was
    sure it would be safer.
    MB, Dec 21, 2009
  5. David Littlewood

    Mark Guest

    N.B. Simply Electronics also trades on Amazon...
    Mark, Dec 21, 2009
  6. I agree, which is why I only buy directly from themselves,
    although you have to be damn careful about it as it's very easy to miss
    a third-party item getting in.
    Second the recommendation for, found the best
    price for a 100mm macro from RGB (another physical shop).

    Doctor J. Frink, Dec 22, 2009
  7. David Littlewood

    Huge Guest

    I've had some good deals from cameras2u, who are one of the 60-odd trading
    names of Jessops.
    Huge, Dec 22, 2009
  8. Thanks for this and all the other helpful replies.

    As it happened, I already had goods on order from Simply, 2 in stock and
    3-5 days delivery. After 5 days they still had 2 in stock and the order
    was still shown as "processing".

    Based on the feedback from here, and others I saw, I cancelled the
    order, bought from Amazon, who delivered in less than 24 hours, arrived
    yesterday. Cost me a bit more, but regular UK imports and I needed for a
    birthday this weekend.

    Remains to be seen how long it takes for them to refund to my credit
    card - the fact that they charge straight away and are slow in
    delivering should put anyone off. Indeed, if I were running the credit
    card co I would be seriously reviewing the position.

    David Littlewood, Dec 23, 2009
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