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Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Davidm, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Davidm

    Davidm Guest

    Hi All - I'm looking to buy a slide scanner. It's for my old father-in-law
    who's moving into a flat and has decades worth of family shots on slide. It
    doesn't need to do the best scans in the world, but an acceptable home job
    for making slideshows on his computer or getting prints done occasionally.
    Has to have an elderly-proof interface (ie simple to use as he'll be doing
    the scanning, possibly a button press that doesn't need a selection marquee
    in a twain appliction) and be suitable for XP. I wanted to get one of the
    ones that looks like a "toaster" that loads one slide at a time, rather than
    an illuminated flatbed one.

    So my question is, has anyone got a s/h one to sell cheap? I'm looking to
    pay $100-200 or something like that - dunno if that is a total fantasy, and
    if so what can these things be had for?

    David M
    Davidm, Feb 17, 2006
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  2. Davidm

    kosh Guest

    best bet at that price is a prime iflm scanner... though I would wait
    longer.. save some more money and get something better..... these are
    not the worlds best!

    kosh, Feb 17, 2006
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  3. I use the slide scanner on my Epson RX510 Multifunction Printer, but
    there's a lot of fiddling around during and after the scan to get
    suitable results.....
    David Springthorpe, Feb 17, 2006
  4. Davidm

    Jeff R Guest

    My limited experience:

    I bought a Diamond View scanner specifically because it could do
    transparencies, but quickly abandoned it as useless for that purpose. (Its
    a great scanner for normal reflective work, though.)

    For transparencies and negs, I now use an HP PhotoSmart S-20. Absolutely
    brilliant! The flatbed is no comparison. The tweaking and setup are not
    complicated, it takes strip film, mounted slides or small prints and the
    results are very good indeed.

    Minus points: Its slow - you require the patience of Job. You can't do
    "batch" processing - its one-at-a-time. Dust is a real pest, despite all
    possible precautions. Photoshop is the only real solution there.

    Some folks get good results with flatbed slide scanners. Not me.
    Be prepared to shell out $400-500 though. You get what you pay for.

    Jeff R, Feb 18, 2006
  5. Davidm

    Michael Guest

    I know this may seem an expensive option, a canon 9950F running vuescan.
    canon's scanning software is ok (although no the best), vuescan much
    nicer and quicker.
    vuescan will batch scan 12 mounted slides at a time or 30 photos in film
    strips at a time. if you keep filtering to a minimum scans can be
    reasonably quick i.e a 6x4 at 300dpi will take roughly upto 3 mins each,
    also dependant on how fast your pc is and your usb.
    vuescan has presets for type of film eg reala 100. Kodachrome 64 etc.

    that actually reminds me of something,

    Anyone know of third party pc firewire drivers for 9950F. USB on PC is
    a bitch, and fire wire on mac is blows pc usb. XP detects my scanner
    on firewire yet canon refuse to support drivers for it. (they claim
    usb is faster (480mbs), but the overheads are slower, which is why
    firewire (400mbs) is actually faster. I had mailed them in the past ..)
    Michael, Feb 18, 2006
  6. Davidm

    Michael Guest

    one cheaper option i saw that i was interested in one
    time, was a slide duplicator that screws onto the end
    of a camera lens like filters do. basically its an illuminated
    slide viewer that you attach to your (dslr) camera lens and
    take a photo of it. if you use a dslr its a helluva lot faster
    than a flatbed scanner for example. I saw them on ebay
    not long ago for around $300. might be something worth
    looking in to.
    Michael, Feb 25, 2006
  7. Davidm

    jkantor1312 Guest

    I know this may seem an expensive option, a canon 9950F running
    canon's scanning software is ok (although no the best), vuescan much
    nicer and quicker.
    vuescan will batch scan 12 mounted slides at a time or 30 photos in
    strips at a time.


    Hopefully you will read this. Could you please give me your scan
    settings that you use with the vueScan software using the 9950 with the
    batch template in for the color slides...I have yet to get it right.

    I would like to try it to see how it compares to the PhotoStudio, which
    works great with the scanner, except for a (percieved) shade of darkness
    on the finished product.

    thanks and peace,
    jkantor1312, Mar 6, 2006
  8. Davidm

    Michael Guest

    no worries can get on to that later on
    tonight. :)
    Michael, Mar 7, 2006
  9. Davidm

    Michael Guest

    For this I set all options back to basic, if I where to do
    it all in advanced mode it would take all night to type out,
    advanced mode has a helluva lot more options.

    test was done using 35 year old colour slide film in fairly good

    scan time for 12 slides was 21 mins on an athlon XP 1800,1.5Gbram,256Mb
    video usb 2.0
    same scan with same slides on Athlon 64 3200,2Gb ram,256Mb video was
    15minutes usb2.0.

    Input tab:
    Task: scan to file
    Source: 9950F
    Mode: Transperancy
    Media: Slide film
    Film holder: mounted
    Bits: 24bit rgb
    Batch scan: all
    Frame #: 1

    Crop tab:

    auto offset: uncheck
    Crop size: Manual

    Filter tab:

    Infrared clean: none
    restore colours: check
    restore fading: check
    sharpen: check

    Colour tab:

    colour balance: auto
    brightness: 1.36
    slide vendor: Kodak
    Slide brand: extachrome
    Slide type: E6

    output tab:

    printed size: 4"x6"
    tiff file: uncheck
    jpg file: check
    jpeg filename: crop0001+.jpg
    pdf file: uncheck
    ocr text file: uncheck
    Default folder: (where ever)
    logfile: your choice on or off

    Prefs tab:

    Graph type: off
    external viewer: check
    external editor: check
    Michael, Mar 7, 2006
  10. Davidm

    Michael Guest

    oops and i forgot vuescan has a log
    shoulda' posted that instead of
    typing it all out ;) oh well.
    Michael, Mar 10, 2006
  11. Davidm

    jkantor1312 Guest


    Thank you for your time in response. And it works. I was way off on a
    couple of my picks. I really do appreciate your help.

    jkantor1312, Mar 10, 2006
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