Slow data from Epson Expression 1640 XL

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Nick Wedd, Jan 18, 2007.

  1. Nick Wedd

    Nick Wedd Guest

    I have an Epson Expression 1640 XL, connected by USB cable to my Windows
    XP Professional system, which is running the software that came with the

    It used to be that when I did a high resolution scan, after the actual
    scanning was finished, it would take about half as long again to finish
    sending the data to the PC. Then I found, more and more, that after the
    scanning was finished it would take five or more times as long again to
    finish sending the data. Nowadays I almost always have this long wait.
    I want to get back to the relatively fast data transmission that I once

    I have tried uninstalling the software, downloading the latest version
    from the Epson web site, and installing it.

    I have tried uninstalling this latest version and reinstalling the
    version that came on the CD with the scanner.

    I have tried closing Windows, restarting it, and launching nothing but
    the scanner software.

    I have tried replacing the USB cable by a new one.

    None of this helps. Can anyone suggest a way of getting the data
    transmission to work faster? I find that while the actual scanning is
    happening, my PC's CPUs are largely idle, but during the long pause one
    of them is fully occupied running Eccndv.exe.

    Nick Wedd, Jan 18, 2007
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  2. Nick Wedd

    Nick Wedd Guest

    Ok, 6 minutes to scan, 16 minutes to transfer the data. I timed my
    scanner, not at 1600 d.p.i. (for reasons that will become evident), but
    at 400 d.p.i., 48-bit color, A3. This ought to generate 1/16 as much
    data. Here are the timings.

    Stage 1.
    Starting from when I press the button to start scanning. Nothing
    obvious is happening. The "progress" window has not appeared.
    32 seconds.

    Stage 2.
    The "Progress" window has appeared, and says "Scanning". The progress
    bar is going from 0% to about 90%. The scanner is operating.
    3 minutes 13 seconds, or 193 seconds.

    Stage 3.
    The "Progress" window still says "Scanning". The progress bar is going
    from 90% to 100%. The scanner has switched off its light, moves its read
    head back to the beginning, and ceases obvious activity.
    24 seconds.

    Stage 4.
    The "Progress" window now says "Processing data. Please wait.". Nothing
    obvious is happening. Escndv.exe is using a whole processor.
    43 minutes, or 2580 seconds.

    My recollection is that when things were working well, Stages 1 and 4
    did not happen. This is consistent with the timings you give for 1600

    Nick Wedd, Jan 19, 2007
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  3. Nick Wedd

    Nick Wedd Guest

    I've solved it!

    The problem was a clash of some kind with Computer Associates anti-virus
    software. When I disable this, the scanner software runs at more than
    ten times the speed!

    Nick Wedd, Jan 19, 2007
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