SLR ZX-50 am i the only one? need some help from pro's here.

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Guest, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Have pentax zx-50 with sigma 28-105 zoom and 100-300 zoom. my problem
    is that the pictures i take are no better and sometimes worse that the
    ones my wife takes with her $50 olympus (non digital). i like clear as
    a bell pictures even if the picture is a dud. i keep getting the
    impression that the pictures with the zx are slightly blurred. maybe i
    move slightly but i never had this problem with the pentax mx. even my
    olympus 575 digital gets clear as a bell pictures. the only problem is
    that with the olympus you have no lenses or other adjustments etc. I
    am wondering if i should sell the pentax zx and go for a digital 3x
    slr or what. the thought of dragging around a tripod for every picture
    is both impossible and really boring!
    I am an amateur and like portrait photos and landscapes. to get clear
    pictures do you have to spend more than GW Bush on a camera or are
    there some alternatives for a struggling amateur with little yen.
    Guest, Nov 23, 2004
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  2. Guest

    D.R. Guest

    I'm not pro, but I'll try to help.


    1). What shutter speed are you taking the photos at? With the 28-105 you will
    want at least 1/60 at the 28mm end and 1/125 at the other, if you have a steady
    hand. The 300 will require a much faster shutter speed. Simple test is to put
    the camera on a tripod and see if this fixes it. I started out putting my camera
    onto Shutter Priority Mode when first using an SLR.
    2). What aperture are you shooting at? If you are shooting wide open (smallest F
    number) then your depth of field will be minimal (area that is sharp) and you
    will have to focus very precisely. Smaller aperature (bigger F number) will mean
    that more of the scene will be in focus (sharp). Some lenses are sharpest at
    around 2 or 3 stops below wide open eg: F5.6 - F11 on most.
    3). Do both lenses produce the same result? Maybe one lens is just not sharp? I
    bought a lens recently that the specs and reviews said it was super-sharp, but
    my sample wasn't. The techs put it on a projector and could see that it was out
    of adjustment. They gave me a new lens and sent the other back to Japan for
    calibration. I started out last year with 2 Sigma lenses. They are not tack
    sharp lenses, but do a reasonable job if focused correctly and not used wide
    4). What speed film and what are the lighting conditions? Use fast film (ISO
    400+) in low light.

    Some cheap lenses are not "fast" lenses. This means that their maximum aperture
    is not as wide as others. eg: an F4 -5.6 standard zoom lens is not as fast as a
    F2.8 of the same type, etc. Basically it won't let in enough light in low light
    conditions to allow hand-held use, unless you use a faster film.

    In low light, using flash will often sharpen things up. The flash fires much
    faster than your shutter speed, so it freezes motion.

    Hope this helps.
    D.R., Nov 23, 2004
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  3. Guest

    D.R. Guest

    Just a side-though, some Olympus 35mm happy-snappies take surprisingly good
    images. The glass might be alot better in the Olympus than the Sigmas. Alot of
    these snappies are fixed focus, and alot more of the scene will be in focus
    (sharp) my experience that is.
    D.R., Nov 23, 2004
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