Smartsounds Auto music/Quicktracks in Ulead VideoStudio 9

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Malcolm Stewart, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. All optimistic like, I've just upgraded to a fast PC running Win XP and
    fully expected my retail version of VideoStudio 9 to recognise and provide
    me with the Auto Music facility. Well it did sort of, by dialling the
    internet and downloading short samples of what's on offer at a significant
    price for the full track. (No configurable free tracks whatsoever, despite
    what the manual indicates.)
    On my retail copy of VS8 the Auto Music facility allowed me to provide
    "crap" music backgrounds to my copies of silent family cine films. Great!
    anything to remove the boredom of either total silence, or the clatter of my
    projector. Visiting the Ulead BB site suggested that this was a seriously
    known problem, with a variety of solutions(?). (I found 4 pages of emails
    with no clear solution...)

    In my case, I've solved it simply by installing VS8 after VS9, and the
    <free> Automusic tracks from VS8 get loaded into the correct folder, and
    linked correctly and are then seen by VS9. So I've now got the stability
    and later features of VS9 with the usable auto music tracks from VS8. (On my
    earlier computer, I naturally installed VS9 after VS8, and the linking into
    VS9 didn't happen. Trying to edit in VS8 was unstable in the extreme.

    Hope this helps others wanting this feature.
    Malcolm Stewart, Jul 26, 2006
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