So, now we have not only software for Linux to make your own subtitles, but also to make your own vo

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jan Panteltje, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. I have added an interface for the mbrola / mbrdico voice synthesizer
    to the xste subtitler editor xste-3.4.5.tgz.

    This is Linux software, it WON't run on windows.

    The idea is that you do not always want subtitles, sometimes
    spoken text is better.
    xste allows you to select a voice for each subtitle if must be (if the
    voice is availabe for you language).
    You can now assign a name to each voice, and write the subs like this:
    [John]hello there.


    I have now good results on Dutch, there is a male and a female voice availabe.
    There a 2 US male voices and several French voices that seem to work.
    Several German voices too, but I cannot get them to work yet.
    This is not a problem with xste though, but with the synthesizer or voice
    library likely.
    You can find mbrola and links on

    As for syncronization, that is very very good, xste produces a wave file
    that you can then mux (tools on my site) with the original sound and video,
    for example I have a speech in English with on the left channel English,
    the right channel Dutch translation spoken by the synthesizer.
    After an hour it is still in sync within milliseconds (xste is frame accurate).

    The xste source code is released under the GPL.
    Jan Panteltje, Oct 13, 2004
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