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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by Just D, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. Just D

    Just D Guest


    I'm just wondering if anybody has a rating chart for the programs like:

    Ulead Studio
    Pinnacle Studio

    I found yesterday that the price has dramatically fallen down for some kinds
    of software in the stores around me and probably it's time to think about
    something more serious than WMM2 for XP. But the software that I have been
    tested like those two written above is not perfect and has many errors,
    especially the latest versions like Pinnacle Studio 9.

    What's preferable software with minimum errors are we having now to grab
    video stream from DV, to create a nail-like storage with short movie parts
    divided automatically by the software every time when we press start/stop
    during shooting, etc.

    I remember that Tony was writing about something else that he is using and
    he likes this software.

    So, any more or less full list of current video editting software would be
    very helpful.

    Just D, Jul 11, 2004
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  2. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    It so much depends on how many "gizmos" you want to put in your movies,
    as well as how much you are prepared to pay. Because of the difference
    in pricing, you can't really compare like with like too readily. Having
    said all that, at the lower end I'd come down firmly for Pure Motion's
    Edit Studio, providing you buy the optional extra codec (which is of
    very good quality). I've never liked Ulead's products - the end quality
    doesn't seem too good. Pinnacle seem to have a habit of releasing
    software with bugs and when they finally fix them all, they release a
    new major version - and the bug-fixing cycle continues.

    I've never been enthusiastic about Premiere, though some swear by it. If
    money isn't an issue then I'd strongly recommend Vegas 5 with DVD
    Architect 2. Loads of gizmos (if you feel the need) and with Premiere
    you'd need to buy plug-ins for some of them. More importantly, it will
    run happily on a minimal spec computer, 500 MHz CPU, 60 MB hard-disk,
    and 128 MB RAM. Two things that I find particularly useful are the
    ability to easily correct poor quality source material (to an extent of
    course) and the excellent sound editor that is built-in. The sound
    editor is SoundForge - something I've used as a stand-alone for some
    time before it was fully integrated in Vegas 5. But Vegas needs DVD
    Architect (or something else) for producing DVDs - but you can get a
    bundle. I'm also reassured that Sony bought out Vegas from Sonic Foundry
    - and is now promoting it in the professional marketplace, and is
    intending to use as the software basis for their professional video
    editing suites. Still, it is a lot of money - and it won't help you
    produce great movies if you haven't learned to produce good video with
    your camcorder (so it's not top of my recommendations for most people)

    Full Vegas spec here:
    Tony Morgan, Jul 11, 2004
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  3. Good quality shooting of original footage *should* be what counts, but so
    many programmes these days seem to encourage the use of "kewl"
    Adrian Boliston, Jul 12, 2004
  4. Just D

    Just D Guest

    Hi Adrian,
    Having Canon GL2 it's not an issue . I'm also not a big fan of super digital
    effects and menus, although I'm a professional programmer and know enough to
    do that, but I prefer only required ones. But I need from the software all
    the required things to make my movie using the original footage saved in DV
    format on PC, combining it, slicing, adding sound, etc., and finally
    compressing for a best view on DVD. All software that I have seen can't do
    all required things that I want. That's why I'm still using WMM2, because
    it's free and is a part of the operating system. It's buggy, poor, dies so
    often, but it more or less works if I disable one processor for this

    So, I'm looking for a better software now...)

    Just D, Jul 12, 2004
  5. Just D

    Just D Guest

    Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your answer. I know that you know why did I ask this question
    I have already spent about 3 USD for these toys...) Excluding PC, of course,
    because it's not only for video games...) If we skip this "gizmo range" it
    would be good, sometimes it doesn't allow to discuss the obvious things...)
    Just one zero difference or even less is not very valuable, especially if
    one good software can replace a few worst.
    I didn't test Pure Motions yet, but maybe it's from more or less the same
    price range. I'll see. Thanks.
    I'm currently using WMM2 for XP Pro but it has a few problems that I can't
    accept. The list is not so long but long enough to think about something
    else. I have already tested Ulead and Pinnacle that I downloaded from their
    web sites to hate both products. You're right about bugs and abilities. Very
    poor emotions after these testings.
    I don't care of computer now - IPIV-3.2HT/1Gig/Radeon9600/60-7200/... should
    be much more than enough.

    That's very important especially if I repair my old analog tapes.
    It's not a problem to grab any sound and insert it, or to make a simple
    combination of a few tracks. To do anything more or less powerful we'd
    better to use anything else, but I'm currently not going to edit 5.1 or 7.1
    sound. It's too much.
    I produce my DVDs with Nero 6 - full package. It has codecs and everything I
    need for that. But I suspect that it's not the best codec choice. The
    quality is not perfect.
    You know it depends. I'm not working for any studio and can't install a
    functional rail road just to shoot something in movement, on the fly. But I
    use a tripod if I feel that I need to do that and it helps me to get a
    little bit better quality than from hands especially for a long static movie
    like wedding, theatre, etc.
    Just D, Jul 12, 2004
  6. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    In message <[email protected]>, Just D <>
    If you let me know (specifically) what the "required things that you
    want" are and I'll try to find the time to confirm that Vegas 5 will
    Tony Morgan, Jul 12, 2004
  7. Just D

    News Reader Guest

    Pinnacle Liquid Edition, superb software, backgroubd rendering and online
    tutorials for free!
    News Reader, Jul 12, 2004
  8. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    With more bugs than a hedgehog on a warm day.
    Tony Morgan, Jul 12, 2004
  9. Just D

    Just D Guest


    "Tony Morgan"
    I have already downloaded a trial version and tried to play with it
    yesterday. I will continue my games during this trial month. The first
    emotion is good, but I still can't understand is it able to split the
    original DV movie file into different shooting parts as WMM2 does? Maybe I
    need to grab the movie with Vegas 5, and don't try to import the files that
    I have already written with WMM2. So, the time will show.

    I also can't understand if I mark and delete some fragment of movie why I
    can't shift the right part automatically to the left to hide the deleted

    Just D, Jul 12, 2004
  10. Just D

    ...Jerry... Guest

    Tony, please don't talk about software that you no nothing about.
    ...Jerry..., Jul 12, 2004
  11. Have you used it? I'm no enthusiast for Pinnacle but I have been using the
    ex-FAST software (on specialised hardware **) for getting on for six years
    since version 1.0. For technical reasons I am stuck on version 3.0
    (Pinnacle's fault) but the version I have is stable and almost bug free. It
    is fast and has earned its keep many times over.

    I have version PLE 5.5 as an emergency backup system. I've not used it in
    anger but I've not seen anything that would cause me to describe it as you
    have done.

    ** Sony ES3 for those whose knowledge extends beyond the mundane.
    Malcolm Knight, Jul 12, 2004
  12. Just D

    Just D Guest

    Just D, Jul 12, 2004
  13. Malcolm Knight, Jul 12, 2004
  14. I can remember when the software wasn't available except as a turnkey
    package with PC etc and cost close to 50 times the price of Vegas.
    Malcolm Knight, Jul 12, 2004
  15. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    For anyone even thinking about downloading the trail I would *strongly*
    recommend downloading the PDF manual first and spending a week or so
    reading through it so you already have a clue when learning while using
    the demo. The more you use Vegas, then more you find out about what's
    not immediately apparent.

    The first thing you should do is Options/Enable Snapping. Capture in the
    usual way. If you've got AVIs from another video editor, then use
    File/Import Media. You can use the usual Windows 'CTRL/Click and
    SH/Click to "collect". Now your files are in the Media Pool. Simply drag
    the clips in the order that you want into the timeline.

    Now if you want to edit any clip, you right-click on the clip, select
    Open in Trimmer. Now you've got a window that you can use to select
    (drag) ending with another right-click. Now what I usually do is delete
    the original clip from the time-line, and create a sub-clip from the
    Trimmer (Right-Click) and it gets transferred to the Media Pool. Drag
    that to the timeline (where you deleted the original clip. Do that as
    many times as you like (on that clip or, by closing the trimmer window,
    re-opening it with another clip in there, and repeating. If you want to
    close up on the timeline, just click and drag to the left and it will
    snap in.

    While clips or subclips are in the Media Pool, you can right-click on
    them and select Media FX to apply any/all of the "treatments" to that
    clip/subclip. By grouping a number of clips/subclips you can do the same
    for the whole movie or just parts of it. More common ones are brightness
    and contrast, sharpen, colour, black and white, film, tv simulator.
    You've got chroma keyer to allow you to superimpose (say) the subject in
    one clip onto another (using additional layers). You do need to play
    with them to see what they can do.

    The really great thing about Vegas is that it is non-destructive - your
    original AVI clips stay intact no matter how you hack them about. You've
    also got unlimited "go-backs" which is very useful when you're learning
    Tony Morgan, Jul 12, 2004
  16. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    And you're saying that Pinnacle LE has no bugs?
    ROFL - Dream on Jerry. Pinnacle's own forum are full of comments about
    Tony Morgan, Jul 12, 2004
  17. Just D

    Tony Morgan Guest

    No. But I have read about the problems on the Pinnacle forum. I'm
    obviously unable to subscribe to it (since I haven't bought the
    software), but a friend is subscribed and I've looked in via his
    Tony Morgan, Jul 12, 2004
  18. Then I can only assume that Pinnacle have screwed it up since they took over
    from FAST v3.0. I don't suppose I should be surprised at that.

    You can buy the same software, with added features including a complete
    absence of rendering, to run on systems costing up to £25,000. I don't think
    I shall bother now. :)
    Malcolm Knight, Jul 12, 2004
  19. Please forgive my ignorance but aren't all editors like that or have I been
    leading a sheltered life with my ancient system?
    And that too.
    Malcolm Knight, Jul 12, 2004
  20. Just D

    ...Jerry... Guest

    By people who don't know how to use the product I suspect! Wake up Tony, LE
    is a re-branded Media (ex broadcast) product. It's got little of Pinnacle in
    itn other than the name.

    I suspect people could go to the Vegas forum and pick out the posts that
    show up 'bugs' or that people don't know how to use the product - remember,
    that is 2/3's the reason for the forums existence, and that many more copies
    of the software are in use that the few hundred own by people who post
    questions / comments / rant etc. on to forums.
    ...Jerry..., Jul 12, 2004
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