Solar Eclipse March 29 2006: only 9 days left !

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by swrsteph, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. swrsteph

    swrsteph Guest

    Hi all,

    In only 9 days from now a solar Eclipse will be visible from Brazil to
    India, crossing Africa, Europe and Asia. Are you ready for it? Where to
    see it? How to photography it?

    The website:
    has been set up for the event and contains a lot of useful information:
    An interactive Google map, observing tips, books, travel tips, Blog,
    photography tips.

    All you need to know about the March 29 Solar Eclipse!
    swrsteph, Mar 21, 2006
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  2. swrsteph

    eawckyegcy Guest

    I sense a pattern.

    "In only 8 days ... [...]"
    "In only 1 day ... [...]"
    "In only 27 microseconds ... [...]"

    "Just 7 days ago, a solar Eclipse was visible from Brazil to India,
    crossing Africa, Europe and Asia. Have you processed your images yet?
    Go to and learn how!"

    "Only last month a solar Eclipse ..."

    "Isn't it hard to believe that just 13 years, 7 months, 9 days, 7
    hours, 12 minutes, 39.82734932 seconds ago ..."
    All you need to learn is that if you give google a few bucks you get
    your site front-and-centre for the obvious search.
    eawckyegcy, Mar 21, 2006
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