Some software/computer advice?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by PTRAVEL, Aug 14, 2003.


    PTRAVEL Guest

    An economical reversal this year mandated sticking with my current system:
    1.4 GHz Athlon, 512meg of RAM, running Premiere 6.5 (and lots of support
    goodies) with a Pinnacle ProOne.

    Now, a new reversal of fortune (re-reversal? unversal?) allows me to
    contemplate upgrading.

    Pinnacle, of course, has stopped support for the ProOne, and I've really
    gotten used to have real-time preview to my video monitor.

    First decision: Move to Edition 5.0, and buy a Pinnacle card (that, among
    other things, would not support analogue input -- I'd have to use my old
    miniDV camcorder for that), or, upgrade Premiere to 7.0 and buy a new card
    (probably Matrox -- they're offering a reasonable competitive upgrade).

    Second decision: This one's easier -- I want to build a new computer.
    Primary purpose of the machine is video editing and digital still photo
    manipulation, however it will do other things as well. I'm considering
    either a 2-CPU job (Athlon vs. Pentium?) or one of the single-CPU 3-GHz
    motherboards. I'll most likely piece this one together myself, rather than
    buy an assembled computer (unless it's a really, really good deal).

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    PTRAVEL, Aug 14, 2003
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    Rob Guest

    This post comes a bit late.. I have an athlon xp, if you consider
    going the athlon way, keep in mind that premiere 7 won't work with a
    system that doesn't support sse (ala intel pentium). I bought premiere
    7 a few days ago and my system refuses to run it.. Probably adobe will
    fix this problem after enough people get ticked off.. There's no
    reason an athlon can't run it, bar legal contracts between adobe and

    Rob, Sep 9, 2003
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    Rob Guest

    To be fair to adobe...

    I reinstalled premiere pro on another system with the same cpu (athlon
    xp), had the same exact problem. Premiere starts to launch then exists
    with the sse error. The board was an asus asv133. I found out that on
    this other system, the board's bios was out of date, so i flashed to
    the newest. Turned out that the board wasn't seeing the athlon xp's
    support for sse. But now, the program crashes with a direct draw
    error. Did make sure i had latest direct x, did reinstall
    anyways/reboot, same problem...

    Rob, Sep 10, 2003
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