Some temporary former Minolta Club info

Discussion in 'Minolta' started by David Kilpatrick, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. We have - possibly not permanently - an active URL:

    currently holding information on the previous Minolta Club, which is now
    unofficial since it's of no interest to Sony and KM does not have a
    photo division.

    The URL will almost certainly change to point to a
    new Alpha club site run by Sony fairly soon, and we also have which we will use unless Konica Minolta (nothing
    to do with photography) take the position of preventing any use of their
    name - which so far has been their approach, asking all existing sites
    to stop using the word Minolta in connection with the once-mentionable
    camera brand. That is because they still have that word in their company
    name and the connection is now different. Bit complicated.

    I've put the complete - 36 page, 10 megabyte - decent resolution pdf of
    the issue of PHOTOWORLD, the former Minolta Club magazine, which is
    being mailed out early next week - on the site for free download by all
    comers. To save bandwidth I've also put just the 8-page Alpha launch
    article as a separate 2Mb pdf choice.

    While there certainly are links on the site to subscriptions, there are
    also links to other resources connected with Minolta, Sony, Alpha and
    there is no requirement to register, no request to pay anything for the
    downloadable magazine or article pdfs.

    High spot of the month - picking up a copy of our 'rival' Which Digital
    Camera? and discovering that they had the brass to take a Canon S3 with
    them on the Sony Alpha launch trip to Marrakesh, and then use the launch
    trip to do a full field test of the Canon, reproducing NOTHING BUT
    pictures of the Sony trip - nice and big - over a six-page review of the
    Canon! Meantime, poor wee Alpha gets a couple of pages with some small
    pix. I love publishing.

    David Kilpatrick, Jul 14, 2006
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