Sometimes stupid loses

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Bowser, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. How many? None.
    Cuz Republicanism is a religion, and
    challenging a religion, even honestly considering
    counter-arguments is blasphemy.

    The insane twist the facts to fit their world view.
    The rational change their world view to fit the facts.
    Doug Bashford, May 5, 2011
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  2. Bowser

    PeterN Guest

    And so it es labeled. If you have a better idea state it or STFU
    PeterN, May 5, 2011
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  3. in, about: Re: Sometimes stupid loses;
    Do remember how many Repubs thought Iraq
    had WMD? In part, thank Fox for those 4000 troop deaths.
    Do remember how many Repubs thought Bush actually
    had found WMD in Iraq? About 100%, thank Fox.

    Example: remember that underground complex
    of WMD they discovered? Headline:
    Weapons-Grade Plutonium Possibly Found at
    Iraqi Nuke Complex
    Friday, April 11, 2003

    BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. Marines may have found weapons-grade
    plutonium in a massive underground facility discovered beneath
    Iraq's Al Tuwaitha nuclear complex, Fox News confirmed Friday.
    The Fox News story goes on

    The discovery of the underground labyrinth of labs and
    warehouses was unexpected, Fox News has confirmed...

    Is this credible? Did American ground troops find something new
    and threatening that the weapons inspectors were unaware of? Fox
    News quotes a Capt. John Seegar:

    "I've never seen anything like it, ever," he told the
    Tribune-Review. "How did the world miss all of this? Why
    couldn't they see what was happening here?"

    Then they quote "Former Iraqui Scientist" Gazi George:

    "The high levels of radiation suggest it's a high-level
    nuclear waste that was stored underground, trying to hide it
    for the process of repurposing it for the future... or
    just to make dirty bombs out of the material that's down
    there," George said.

    "If the material has not been disclosed by Iraqis to
    the United Nations... [then] definitely this material
    was hidden there to use it as a source for extracting
    plutonium chemically and using it in dirty bombs."

    "Saddam always tried to hide... uranium or other nuclear
    fuels so we could use them in the future for weapons of
    mass destruction."

    In part, thank Fox for our 4000 troop losses.
    But no biggy, right? Party before America!

    The insane twist the facts to fit their world view.
    The rational change their world view to fit the facts.
    Doug Bashford, May 5, 2011
  4. Doug Bashford, May 5, 2011
  5. Bowser

    J. Clarke Guest

    Prove that a battleship is not harder to sink than a cruiser or STFU.
    J. Clarke, May 5, 2011
  6. Bowser

    tony cooper Guest

    Now you've taken to weasel-words. No doctor has been accused of
    refusing treatment. Not the pediatrician in the gun issue or the
    urologist in the "if you voted for Obama I don't want you as a
    patient" issue. Declining to accept or continue to keep a person as
    your patient is not refusing treatment. What they are declining are
    future visits, not treatment of a patient.

    And, yes, I absolutely believe that any doctor should be able to
    decline to accept anyone on his patient rolls. He/she has the same
    right as I do to decline to become one of his patients.
    Yes, I feel Cassell was well within his rights. What I also said is
    that no Florida legislator is preparing a bill that will restrict
    Cassell's ability deal with the non-medical aspects of his patients as
    they did with the doctors who were concerned about gun safety.
    Who refused treatment over the gun issue? No patient was refused
    treatment by any doctor over either issue. Don't make things up to
    embellish your position.
    The poll was taken in the area where Cassell's practice is. It
    includes the city of Mt Dora and The Villages. "The Villages" ring a
    bell? That's where every Right Wing, Religious Conservative, and Tea
    Party candidate makes his first campaign stop and fund raiser.

    So far this year, the Barnes and Noble bookstore has been the site of
    book signings by Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Mitt Romney and Karl
    Rove. John McCain and Rudy Giuliani spoke there. Sarah Palin drew a
    crowd of 60,000.

    A Democrat in The Villages would be as popular as Mel Gibson in
    Williamsburg (Brooklyn).

    I've been to The Villages once. I went up there to take photos of a
    polo match. The Duchess of York was the guest of honor. A US team
    played a Mexican team in the Camacho Cup. It is not true that the
    Mexican team was required to use the back door of the club house and
    to do some yardwork during the break.
    tony cooper, May 5, 2011
  7. Bowser

    tony cooper Guest

    I won't argue this, but I have to admit that I find this difficult to
    comprehend. Even assuming two completely different and separated
    unions, it's hard to imagine a state union that is affiliated with a
    local union not being involved in the negotiation process that results
    in wages and benefits. That implies that the state union has no
    designated function whatsoever. (It may be that the local members
    feel the state organization doesn't contribute, but that kind of thing
    is more opinion than fact.)
    Isn't the function of a political arm of an organization to lobby or
    otherwise grease the skids for the local mob? If the state
    organization is advancing the cause of the local organization in any
    way, they are indirectly contributing to the local member's situation.

    Just argument.
    tony cooper, May 6, 2011
  8. Bowser

    tony cooper Guest

    How did he get the job? Elected? By whom?
    If he made a deal - a good deal or a bad deal - then he is involved
    with negotiations. Nu?
    tony cooper, May 6, 2011
  9. Bowser

    tony cooper Guest

    Yes, I made that point earlier. It's an anti-union bill. I agree
    with Neil's point in another post that the GOP is just getting back at
    the unions who opposed them now that the GOP has almost unlimited
    power to do so.

    I can see that, buy the idea of a Republican saying "It's a
    bill that empowers membership of labor unions" is an insult to the
    tony cooper, May 6, 2011
  10. Bowser

    PeterN Guest

    In New York it depends upon the reason for refusal of treatment. I know
    two orthopedic surgeons who retired early, rather than be forced to
    place their lives in jeopardy by operating on patients with aids. They
    had then justifiable concern about flying bone chips during an
    operation. Some doctors control their practices by going into boutique
    practices. Others simply stopped accepting insurance assignments for new
    patients. The jury is still out on the medical ethics of that last tactic.
    PeterN, May 6, 2011
  11. Bowser

    John A. Guest

    I've marked this post as a "keeper". Thank you.
    John A., May 6, 2011
  12. Bowser

    tony cooper Guest

    I would hope that Neil is the only one that doesn't understand that
    refusing to keep a patient on as a patient is not the same as refusing
    to treat a patient.

    Treatment is a now thing. Doctors are ethically bound to treat any
    patient presenting themselves with a medical condition that requires
    immediate treatment. They are not bound to make future appointments
    with patients. The urologist who says "Don't make an appointment with
    me if you voted for Obama" is not refusing treatment. The
    pediatrician who says "Find another doctor for your next appointment."
    is not refusing treatment. The doctor's office that declines to make
    an appointment with someone because that person's insurance is not
    accepted by the practice, or because the person can't pay the bill,
    is not declining treatment.

    The orthopod who declines to schedule surgery on a patient with AIDS
    is not declining treatment. He would be declining treatment if the
    patient presented himself in the ER with a broken bone and the doctor
    was the orthopod on call.

    I know Neil will not argue this because Neil is a great defender of
    the meaning of words and terms, and "declining treatment" has a very
    definite meaning in this context.

    The above is US-centric. In countries where patients are assigned to
    certain doctors (if I have that right), the rules may be different.
    tony cooper, May 6, 2011
  13. In New York, each local school district is it's own entity. I believe in
    Florida there are county school districts, is that correct? Here we have
    multiple school districts with in each of the two counties. The individual
    school district negotiates with each union (teachers, administrator's, etc.).
    Those unions are as individual as the districts, i.e., the teachers in each
    district are represented by a union that is for that district only. My wife
    works in the Brentwood School district, the largest on Long Island. Their
    union, the Brentwood Teachers Association, is only for their district only. The
    state union, NYSUT, has no involvement whatsoever in the negotiations with the
    school district.

    As a political arm, this is where the problem is for NYSUT, or rather the
    teachers who are members. NYSUT supports abortion rights. Why an "educational"
    entity is even involved in this is for another thread I guess. However, my wife
    is oppossed to abortion on religious grounds and on those grounds she withdrew
    from the union. This is totally within her right but NYSUT fought it, or rather
    dragged it out for two years, even though they knew she was legally entitled to
    withdraw. Also, the money she is forced to give them is used to support
    political candidates she does not support. The members are never asked who they
    want the union to support, the union leaders make those decisions. It's not
    hard to guess that their support is always for any liberal or Democratic
    candidate. They tried to put a gag on her when they "agreed" to let her
    withdraw, stating that she wasn't permitted to discuss this with anyone. That
    didn't fly and her attorney immediately rejected that. It's obvious that NYSUT
    are solely concerned that their source of money from teachers can wither if more
    and more teachers withdraw and preventing my wife from telling her story to
    other teachers would help them.
    Pete Stavrakoglou, May 6, 2011
  14. He's elected to a multiple-year term by the union members, most of whom have no
    idea what he's trying, or rather did, get away with. His term still had two
    years left when he retired. So he managed to get the bylaws changed so he can
    finish his term. When the meeting was announced for Executive Council to vote
    on the change, the announcements were not made in accordance with the bylaws.
    The meeting was suppossed to be posted "X" number of days (14, I believe) before
    the meeting. This did not happen, the announcement was never posted in most
    schools. This was challenged at the vote but the head of the Executive Council
    rejected the challenge. Who is the "head"? The union president. He knew the
    vote was illegal because the membership had no opportunity to meet with their
    delegates who would then express their wished to the Council. Those teachers
    who were aware of what was going on attended the Council meeting but they are
    not permitted to speak at those meetings. It was also discovered that the
    former union secretary was not a member of the union, i.e a teacher, for the
    last eight years of her term which was a violation of the bylaws. This was
    never disclosed to the members.

    In the end, the union members get what they deserve because they've elected this
    con artist for over 20 years. Those that are actually involved and aware of the
    union dealings are in the vast minority so this guy is assured of getting
    elected again. Some members have requested a financial accounting of the union
    expenses. They see Jaguars parked outside in the union offfice parking lot and
    they want to know if they're paying for them or not. The union won't release
    the information. Imagine, a union not allowing the members to know how the
    money is being spent.
    He is the only person who negotiates with the school board on behalf of the
    Pete Stavrakoglou, May 6, 2011
  15. Bowser

    David Guest

    "tony cooper" wrote in message
    Yes, I made that point earlier. It's an anti-union bill. I
    with Neil's point in another post that the GOP is just getting
    back at
    the unions who opposed them now that the GOP has almost unlimited
    power to do so.

    I can see that, buy the idea of a Republican saying "It's a
    bill that empowers membership of labor unions" is an insult to

    Tony Cooper - Orlando, Florida

    If the government allows the unions to withhold dues, why not
    also allow payments for the mortgage, rent, utility bills, etc.?
    The IRS is part of the government and I suppose that is their
    right, but I would put union dues in the same category as any
    other payment obligation the employee may have. Why do only the
    unions have the ability to effectively garnishee wages?

    David, May 6, 2011
  16. Bowser

    PeterN Guest

    In NY and I think most, if not all States, the doc may not refuse to see
    a patient on because that patient has <fill in the blank> skin or aids.

    He may stop accepting new patients, for any period of time.
    PeterN, May 6, 2011
  17. Bowser

    Gary Edstrom Guest

    This has got to be one of the longest threads I have ever seen in
    USENET... 2,518 replies so far, and still counting. Unfortunately, I
    find that after the first 50 replies or so, the subject has drifted so
    far from the original posting that it becomes pointless.

    Gary Edstrom, May 6, 2011
  18. Bowser

    Savageduck Guest

    ....but strangely enough the entire thread remains OT with reference to
    the subject line: "Sometimes stupid loses."

    So having said that, what do you think of the NFL draft?
    Savageduck, May 6, 2011
  19. Bowser

    Savageduck Guest

    Actually there were two "Battles of Gravelines", one terrestrial, and
    one naval.
    1558 where a combined Anglo-Spanish force made up of the English navy
    providing offshore bombardment support, and the Spanish army, defeated
    the French.

    Then in 1588 we had the Spanish Armada engagement.

    History makes strange bed-fellows.

    However, for modern naval engagements there are four battles which
    would give a better forum for the comparison of modern ship classes in
    combat; Jutland 1916, Savo Island 1942(cruiser-cruiser engagement),
    Guadalcanal (naval battle Nov. 1942), and Leyte Gulf 1944.
    Savageduck, May 6, 2011
  20. Bowser

    PeterN Guest

    The consent of maneuverability defeating slower, but more heavily
    armored sailed right over his head. There are some who just cannot apply
    principles to another set of facts.
    PeterN, May 7, 2011
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