Sonic MyDVD 6 Deluxe - comments and problems and questions...

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Blue, Jan 15, 2005.

  1. Blue

    Blue Guest

    all I want is one program that will

    1) accept a digital stream via firewire and save it as avi
    2) allow me to slice and dice into pieces
    3) rearrange the order of the pieces
    4) include pieces from other similarly sliced and diced avis, then
    5) burn the result to a DVD.

    is that too much to ask???

    when I saw that MyDVD 6 finally included the ability to select
    encoding quality and fit more than an hour onto a single layer DVD, I
    thought maybe they finally got their act together and shelled out to
    buy it.

    Importing video from cam goes fine. OK with step 1. I now have two avi
    files for editing, each about 4 gig.

    Now I am finding some other issues and I'm only on step 2...

    - I add the first video to MyDVD and enter the edit video mode.

    - problems with "edit video" mode that are making it impossible to
    slice and dice. video preview frequently just shows grey - no picture.
    Sometimes hitting the rewind button then play will restore a picture,
    but dragging the slider to select a point to split the clip makes it
    go away to grey again.

    and another BIG problem:

    - Sonic's tech help is not responsive

    Has anyone successfully done what I am attempting with MyDVD 6? I'm
    thinking that multi-gig files sliced and diced into 30 or 40 pieces is
    straining the capabilities of my computer, but I don't understand why
    that would result in a greyed out preview pane. Does this make any

    At this point I am thinking of two solutions

    1) Use moviemaker to split into smaller pieces and then import the
    pieces into MyDVD for burning (gets away from my "single program"
    principle... and I worry about quality losses when using multiple
    programs that could involve multiple encodings)

    2) Get a refund on MyDVD and buy a program that CAN do all that I want
    to do. (any suggestions that don't cost a fortune???)

    (NOTE: remove NO and SPAM but not the 2 to reply by email)
    Blue, Jan 15, 2005
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  2. Blue

    Mike Kujbida Guest

    Give Vegas Movie Studio+DVD a try. It's $100 direct form Sony but I'm sure
    you can find it cheaper elsewhere. There's a demo download so you can
    play with it it and see if it's better suited to your needs. More info at

    Mike Kujbida, Jan 15, 2005
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  3. Blue

    Donald Link Guest

    I will problably bring out the shouting anti Pinnacle Studio people,
    but I use it for doing all you ask. I have not used MYDVD 6 but have
    used most of the prior versions and they are okay for simple quick
    productin of video files, but not much for editing. With Pinnacle
    Studio 9 (or better yet 9 Plus) you can capture, do a ton of editing
    of multi avi files no matter what the size and edit the in any order
    of those multi files plus burn into a dozen different formats.
    Donald Link, Jan 15, 2005
  4. Blue

    Moe Guest

    First, stay away from any low end Sonic DVD authoring apps. They are all
    crap as far as I'm concerned. Sonic rests on a reputation based on their
    dominance in the pro DVD authoring market, but in my opinion, they do
    not make good low end DVD authoring solutions -- or put it this way,
    there's a lot better out there (Ulead's stuff and in particular their
    DVD Workshop app is fantastic).

    Having said that, it seems to me, you are asking a bit too much from a
    DVD authoring program for your needs. If you really need to stick to one
    software, you should look at a good DV editing program which also has a
    strong DVD authoring back end. Sony Vegas/DVD Architect comes to mind,
    as does the Adobe Premiere/Encore combo.

    You already have Sonic MyDVD right, so you could just spring for Adobe
    Premiere or Sony Vegas on their own, no cards no nothing no DVD app, and
    just for firewire camcorder DV capture & editing.

    Either of these programs will import firewire from your camcorder, allow
    you to edit with more effects and better quality video than a standalone
    DVD authoring program. Both can export excellent MPEG2 program or
    elementary streams which you can easily import into MyDVD.

    If you really want one program I'd recommend returning MyDVD and picking
    up the Vegas/DVD Architect bundle.
    Moe, Jan 16, 2005
  5. Blue

    bluepost22 Guest

    If you capture using MovieMaker at full DV/AVI and always
    edit from the original DV/AVI sources, you don't lose
    any quality. MovieMaker is about as easy as you could
    get . . . Then use MyDVD as the burner only.
    bluepost22, Jan 17, 2005
  6. Blue

    Blue Guest

    This is what I had been considering. It will be my next approach.

    Thanks to all for the comments and suggestions!

    Blue, Jan 25, 2005
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