Sony A200 menu lockup

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Calvin, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin Guest

    My new A200 has beaten me! I'm really not that stupid when it comes
    to technology (honest!) but I've managed to get my A200 into a mode
    where it will only display the "info screen" on its backpanel and
    simply won't respond to any of the display related buttons. Strangely
    the "picture taking" types of buttons mostly work, like it will
    respond to the mode dial and focus and pop up its flash although it
    won't actually take a picture. Nothing else responds at all, none of
    the menu or function buttons and it won't display previously taken
    I've tried taking the battery out for a while and reinserting the CF
    card but its stubborn.

    Does anyone have an idea what's going on? Had it happen to you and
    know what to do? Know of a master reset sequence other than the one
    in the manual which requires the menu to be working to get to it?

    Is this model a lemon (I can't find anyone else complaining about
    these symptoms on the internet) or is it possible my particular one
    has a one-off problem (hard to imagine as this doesn't feel like a
    build issue) or am I simply too stupid to spot the obvious (it is late
    after all!).

    Thanks for your opinions....
    Calvin, Feb 22, 2009
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  2. Calvin

    Calvin Guest

    Thanks for those thoughts. It's now almost sorted as, having tried
    every single idea I could think of and discussed it with my
    electronics designers at work, we decided it was simply broken and
    needed to be replaced. (Actually my designers thought that it
    probably had a flex-circuit containing the buttons not properly
    connecting to the rest of the electronics - sort of "well that's how
    I'd design it and that's the obvious failure mode of that design).
    Anyway it was bought from a high street retailer known for their good
    customer service and sure enough they simply arranged for a
    replacement which I'm collecting this evening.
    Calvin, Feb 24, 2009
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