Sony Alpha 350 live view test report

Discussion in 'Sony' started by David Kilpatrick, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. I've been studying the way this works for the last day since getting one
    of the first bodies delivered in the UK:

    It has some good features, some big differences (no focusing at all, for
    example, 'on screen' and no real ability to check focus). Best point I
    think is active preview of WB adjustments and exposure corrections,
    including a manual mode which automatically makes the live view reflect
    actual exposure when you switch to 'M'.

    David Kilpatrick, Mar 9, 2008
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  2. David Kilpatrick

    RichA Guest

    If only Olympus had kept their live view "A" mode from the E-330 which
    had no effect on the shutter response, viewfinder or viewfinder
    brightness, both functioned at the same time, zero lag.
    RichA, Mar 9, 2008
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  3. David Kilpatrick

    Alan Browne Guest

    Excellent report David, thanks.

    While the tilting mirror might not compromise the viewfinder light
    level, the fact that it is not a prism based design makes it compromised
    from the get go...

    I'm not sure that I want them to employ this in the "900" although using
    the live view would certainly be easier than the 90' finder.

    Being able to focus manually with LV is important. I'm not convinced
    that it will be feasible for shallow DOF shots.

    Hmm, maybe I should buy one for my trip this summer as the 900 won't be
    out ... but I doubt I can sell it for a reasonable fraction of the price
    afterwards. Need to think about this.

    Want to sell me yours in June David? ... by then you'll have wrung all
    the fun out of it!

    Alan Browne, Mar 10, 2008
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