Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T20

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Bo, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Bo

    Bo Guest


    Have purchased the above camera and have to admit that I am very
    dissapointed in the qaulity of pictures. Before though I completely blame
    the camera I would like to know if there are some that has had similar
    problems as I and maybe you know a way ti fix this.

    Positive: Very good to macro shots
    Negative: Very difficult to have it focus. 80% of pictures taken are too
    red. Out of focus. Digitized.

    I have tried various setups on where the focus is but each time it does not

    Anyone who has experience with this camera ?

    Bo, Dec 12, 2008
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  2. Bo

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Can you post some examples? - the T20 seems to get good reviews, and in
    general, Sony make quite good compacts, so before assuming it is the
    camera... Sorry to ask, but just how much photography experience do you
    have, and is it with digital?

    A couple of notes:
    - while the Sony has pretty good shutter lag times, are you holding the
    camera still as the shot is taken? That may sound obvious, but
    newcomers to digital may be too quick to move the camera after firing to
    peek at the result. P&S digicams are a little slower to respond than
    similar film cameras - are you giving the camera time (~0.5s) to focus,
    and have you experimented with the half-shutter-press method?
    - have you been playing with the camera settings? If you have all the
    bells and whistles turned on like face detection, anti-red-eye, etc, it
    may slow the response also
    - how are you judging the redness? Skin tones? Again, without seeing
    the images.. Is the white balance properly set, is there a saturation

    What exactly does 'digitized' mean? This is an 8Mp camera, and the only
    times you should see pixel 'edginess' are:
    - viewing images *highly* zoomed (why)
    - using it at low resolution settings (don't)
    - using the digital zoom (don't)
    Mark Thomas, Dec 14, 2008
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