Sony DCR HC42 or DCR HC42E

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Craig Lister, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Craig Lister

    Craig Lister Guest


    I have found the Sony HC42 for a good price and found the HC42E for £10 more
    expensive. The shop says that the HC42 is the UK spec and as I live in the
    Uk I assume that is the right model to go for.

    Could somebody confirm that this is correct and that I should go for the



    Craig Lister, Jun 9, 2005
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  2. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    The shop is wrong (according to Sony at least).

    I'd suggest that you have a look at:

    You'll need to click-on the Camcorders --> miniDV --> More Info.
    You will notice that all the European models have the suffix "E".

    and of course

    If you still don't believe - then I'd suggest you ring Sony on
    0207 365 2947.
    Tony Morgan, Jun 9, 2005
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  3. Craig Lister

    Craig Lister Guest

    I see the Sony UK site only has the 'E' version, so to be clear, am I right
    in saying I should go for the 'E' version only, and that will be the
    UK/European version, fully covered by Sony UK ?
    Craig Lister, Jun 9, 2005
  4. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Did you point out to this shop your concerns over the HC42 vs. HC42E?
    Which shop is it? Online or local?
    Grumps, Jun 9, 2005
  5. Craig Lister

    Craig Lister Guest

    It's an Online shop. I called the chap, and he said, 'We only sell UK
    models, and that is what the HC42 is'...
    Craig Lister, Jun 10, 2005
  6. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Did you ask them if it actually said HC42E on the camcorder itself?
    Then again, if they are being a bit dim and cannot convince you that it's a
    true UK spec model, then spend your money elsewhere. It's only a £10
    Grumps, Jun 10, 2005
  7. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Just a quick note; I saw the HC42E on ebuyer for £324.99 (no stock though).
    Grumps, Jun 19, 2005
  8. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    You'd be far better bidding for one of the brand new Sony DCR-TRV30Es
    currently on Ebay.

    Functionally and performance-wise, the TRV30E is very similar to the
    later top-end Sonys - TRV80, HC85 etc. With the advantage that it
    doesn't rely on the touch-screen for operation.
    Tony Morgan, Jun 19, 2005
  9. Craig Lister

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    Always assuming that you don't mind risking the lose of your money,
    eBay has more holes in it's 'bidders security' than a colander [1],
    people who use the 'fraudsters friend' are either plain stupid or have
    more money than sense IMO....

    At times eBay seems more akin to a gambling house than an auction
    house IMO. :~(

    [1] most 'sited' auction houses would be shut down if they had half
    the cases of stolen products and customer / seller fraud that eBay
    :::Jerry::::, Jun 19, 2005
  10. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    You've obviously never used (or looked closely at) Ebay (and their
    payment arm, Paypal). Both Ebay and Paypal provide a free protection
    scheme. I had cause to use it when I purchased (yet another) camcorder
    but didn't get delivery. I got a full refund from Paypal, though I had
    to wait three weeks while they investigated.

    The big problem at the moment is identity theft - but it's only a
    problem if someone is foolish enough to furnish CC/DC details in
    response to an unsolicited e-mail bearing the E-bay logo (which shows an
    IP origin in Romania). But that is hardly Ebay's fault.
    Tony Morgan, Jun 19, 2005
  11. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Can you point me to any online specs for the TRV30E?

    Personally, I have no problem getting an 'older' model for the right price.
    A quick search on ebay has shown that one guy is selling a dozen of these
    things (or was it 10?). HTF do you get hold of a dozen camcorders, a dozen
    digicams, and a dozen PDS/phones?! It does sound a little strange.
    Grumps, Jun 20, 2005
  12. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    There's three links to reviews on the E-bay pages (only two work). You
    can view or download the manual from the address below (the spec is
    towards the back of the manual).

    If you have any problems (and are seriously thinking about buying,
    e-mail me and I'll scan and OCR the spec from the manual and attach it
    to an email.
    That's the one !
    I initially thought that. But knowing how bad are some
    retailers/wholesalers stock control systems - it wouldn't surprise me if
    a quantity hadn't surfaced. Only very recently, a 'new' VX1000 came up
    on E-bay.

    [1] My TRV30 has been heavily used over the last three years,
    and though somewhat scratched and worn on the outside,
    it still turns in excellent video. Only three months ago
    I bought a virtually new and unused TRV80E. I am therefore
    in a position to compare the TRV30 and TRV80 - very
    similar functionally - but with touch-screen menu control
    and Bluetooth. And similarly, the HC85 is very similar to
    the TRV80.

    I paid £1000 for my TRV30 BTW.
    Tony Morgan, Jun 20, 2005
  13. Craig Lister

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    I suggest you take you blinkers off, unsolicited e-mail's are but one
    problem, there are many others - all of which eBay could sort out if
    they so wished.
    :::Jerry::::, Jun 20, 2005
  14. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    For instance?

    As usual, you're great at innuendo, but rarely anything substantial. Or
    does that give your ego a quick lift?

    You're always going on about "RFM" but if Ebay users read the advice
    given on their site, there would rarely be any problems.

    As I mentioned, I did myself get caught in a scam - to a value of £375.
    But the Paypal/Ebay protection scheme refunded every penny.
    Tony Morgan, Jun 20, 2005
  15. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Tony Morgan, Jun 20, 2005
  16. Craig Lister

    :::Jerry:::: Guest

    Stolen and counterfeit goods are two of the more serious problems, I
    really can't see how you claim that there are not problems with eBay,
    even eBay themselves acknowledge that there are people abusing the

    There is also the problem of the action fever and biding-up, something
    that an auctioneer at a auction house will spot and deal with -
    impossible to do with 100 percent blind online auctions.
    :::Jerry::::, Jun 20, 2005
  17. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Grumps, Jun 20, 2005
  18. Craig Lister

    Tony Morgan Guest

    I haven't seen the HC42E, but AFAICS it's very similar to the HC40E,
    which two friends have (and I've had a play with).

    The obvious difference is in size - but personally I prefer a camcorder
    to fit comfortably in two hands. Then of course the HC40E/42E has
    touch-screen menu operation (which I hate BTW). The TRV30E has a
    jog/shuttle wheel to operate and select from the menu system, and since
    it lies under the left-hand's thumb, is very easy to use. It's always
    seemed stupid (to me) to put a touch-screen on the left-hand side of a
    camcorder when most people are right-handed. The HC40/42 has a 2.5" LCD
    screen and the TRV30E a 3.5" screen - and it does make a big difference.
    More pixels on the TRV30 of course. The other thing that I like on the
    TRV30 is the array of (mainly editing) controls which are on the
    camcorder's body under the fold-out LCD screen; because the buttons are
    small for my fingers I generally use the eraser on the end of a pencil -
    but this seems infinitely more sensible than poking around with a pointy
    object on the HC40/42's LCD screen.

    But if you really want to compare, you can also download/view the HC42
    manual from:
    Tony Morgan, Jun 21, 2005
  19. Craig Lister

    Grumps Guest

    Thanks again Tony. I got the HC42 manual yesterday too, but finding online
    reviews of both machines seems tricky (for me anyway).
    I assume the TRV is an obsolete model (?) now. Would Sony still offer a
    guarantee on this if purchased 'new' (even if from ebay)?
    Grumps, Jun 21, 2005

  20. Lucky you , i'm still waiting for ebay to deal with a seller of
    counterfeit gear and two who decided not to send me what i had paid

    On all three occasions i could prove what had happened , but ebay and
    paypal refused to do anything about it.

    Only out of pocket £40.00 for all three , but still it is my money.

    All three sellers are now no longer on ebay , but no explanation for
    their removal , nor an explanation as to why i got nowhere with my

    I have bought over 95 other items and not had any problems.

    Gary MacKenzie
    Audio Visual Technician / Video Editor
    gary mackenzie, Jun 21, 2005
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