SONY DCR TRV 460 simpleton questions

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Mary Degallo, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Mary Degallo

    Mary Degallo Guest

    Hi All!

    I am planning to buy a CAMCORDER.
    It will be my first one.
    I have never used a camcorder before.
    TRV 460 Features I am impressed about are
    # Its Night Shot plus , Image stabilizer,
    LCD Display, USB streaming for WEBCAM and PC

    My basic requirements are to do the following easily.
    Almost like a plug and play.
    # I should be able to connect it to TV and
    see what is being captured by camcorder
    # Connect it to a VCR and record what is
    being captured by camcorder
    # Connect it to a computer and save what is being
    captured by camcorder. So that I can edit.

    ? Does TRV 460 do these?
    ? For saving on computer does SONY give any software
    ? Can we get any other freeware or any commercial software for editing such?
    ? What is this requirement of a higher memory stick 64MB, 128MB about?
    What is it for? Is it really useful, if I donot intend take still pictures
    with this TRV460.
    I really donot care for a Digital photo still pictures, as I intend to use
    a 3 mega pix Digital camera for that.

    I saw conflicting reviews on Google and thought I
    will contact you all with regards to this.

    thank you for your reviews and response,
    I really appreciate them,

    Mary Degallo, Jul 4, 2004
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  2. Mary Degallo

    Rich Guest

    Yes, the TRV460 will do the above.

    The Software which is supplied was of no use to me.

    If you have Windows XP it has movie maker installed. A good editor to start
    with. There are plenty of other freeware and commercial software as

    Memory stick is of no use to me.

    The TRV460 is a Digital8 camcorder. It is excellent for playing back and
    digitizing analog Hi8 and 8mm tapes. That is the only reason I purchased
    mine. The Digital8 format is dieing. Unless you need the analog Hi8 and
    8mm tape capability, I would not reccomend the TRV460. There are plenty of
    MiniDV format camcorders out there to choose from.

    Go to and spend a lot of time reading.

    If you want quality video transferring by FireWire, i.Link or IEEE 1394 (all
    the same thing) is the way to go. The USB transfers are of low quality with
    a variety of problems.

    Rich, Jul 4, 2004
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  3. It is Sony's current best Digital 8 camcorder, not bad for home use.
    But if you don't need 8mm/Hi8 tape capability, you might want to look
    at similar featured MiniDV camcorders. The MiniDV format is more
    popular -- only Sony and Hitachi (maybe Sanyo?) do Digital 8. The
    smaller MiniDV size can be a factor too, if you like smaller things to
    Yes. It comes with analog video cables, so you connect to a TV or
    VCR -- especially convenient if you have front connectors for this.

    To hook up to the computer, you need a firewire port and cable
    (IEEE1394 ports, Sony calls this iLink on its camcorders and
    computers). The cable doesn't come with the camera.
    Yes, but it isn't that impressive to me. WinXP's Movie Maker is
    probably better for starting out -- free -- and there are many other
    Yes -- I mention one, there are lots of others.
    Memory stick is for still pictures only. It can also do low res
    mpeg1 videos, but that isn't a very effective use either.
    Jeffery S. Jones, Jul 4, 2004
  4. Mary Degallo

    phillean Guest

    I have a TRV340, bought second hand, good value at that, works well, has
    good optical zoom, unlike the new Sonys it has real push button to control
    things, not a push screen to get gunked up with prints, has a great lens but
    lack some manual control.

    I haven't seen a consumer digital video that really works well in low light,
    the best I have seen are acceptable.

    Think about how much you want to spend and what you want in the long term,
    mine was bought for me to learn and to be safe in the hands of a 10 year old
    ie not too much value is it gets dropped.

    This review of the 460 sums it up.

    If you are buying to have a camera for several years then you should look
    at the higher model miniDVs

    phillean, Jul 5, 2004
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