SONY DCR-VTR17 not recognized via i.Link to SONY PCV-RX672

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by BLG, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. BLG

    BLG Guest

    Hi there,

    Have been looking over the various news groups, SONY web site, Premier
    web site, etc. Have tried numerous things with no luck. Here is the
    - SONY DCR-VTR17
    - SONY PCV-RX672
    - i.Link connection-have tried both 4pin-4pin (just bought this cable)
    and 4pin-6pin (this one was supplied with the camera)
    - Software: Premier 7 Pro, DVGate, Ulead DVDFactory and Ulead Visual
    - OS: WinXP Home with SP1 and all available updates ALSO Win2000 with

    - I get no indication the camera is plugged in.
    - All the mentioned software indicates no capture device online,
    device control for all the software show capture device as OFFLINE.
    - Device Manager shows no IMAGING device and there are no messages
    indicating anything has happened when I plug in the camera.
    - I did go into the SONY menu and ensure DV IN/OUT was set to ON
    - I did ensure the camera is set to VCR
    - I did ensure the camera was running on AC power rather than battery
    - I did ensure the camera was playing video in VCR mode

    I DO see "Legacy Video Capture Devices" under "Sound Video and Game
    Controllers" - it shows "WDM Video For Windows Capture Driver (Win32)"
    and is always in Device Manager whether the camera is plugged in or
    not. Have no idea if this is a good thing, bad thing or completely

    Other pertinent points:
    - I've tried the 'Switcher' mentioned on the Adobe Premier site. The
    switcher program says the Windows drivers are already installed - when
    I try to switch back to the SONY drivers, it says they are not
    available. I'm assuming this was an old 'pre-XP' problem and does not
    apply to me.
    - I can install a Dazzle DVC-80 USB analog capture device (and it even
    shows up in the Device Manager as an IMAGING DEVICE) and get it
    working. However, I'm hoping for higher quality capture with DV over
    analog. Also, I cannot seem to find a plugin for analog capture with
    the DVC80 with Premier.

    Yet to go:
    - I hope I can find a friendly camera / SONY shop here in KL, Malaysia
    that will let met plug my camera into a system with the i.Link to see
    if the camera is, in fact, working properly.
    - Worst case, I can try another Firewire PCI card, but don't want to
    spend the money unless I think I have a chance of success.

    Any and all input welcome and appreciated.
    BLG, Jan 3, 2004
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  2. BLG

    BLG Guest

    (BLG) wrote in message I forgot to mention - the 1394 controller DOES appear in Device
    Manager and is enabled (Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394
    Host Controller). Hope someone out there in land
    can help. All I got from SONY was a canned reply that didn't even
    show recognition that I was connecting a SONY DVCam to a SONY PC.

    BLG, Jan 3, 2004
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