Sony Digital Handycam DCR TRV350. (Video quality problem)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Bob c, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Bob c

    Bob c Guest

    All right you experts out there i gots a problem with my new Sony Digital
    Handycam DCR TRV350.
    Ok here it is! The thing makes beautiful videos but when i transfer them to
    my computer the quality aint nearly as good when i play them back. I use an
    USB cable between camera and puter, and it aint USB 2 ! Now the camera
    has is IEEE 1394 (firewire) capable, but my puter don't have that. Although
    i could get a firewire card.

    So i am wondering if that is why i get a reduction in video quality because
    i am using an old USB connection?????

    Book that comes with the camera don't say anything about USB verses
    Firewire. Don't even say if i need USB 2 .

    What i is wanting to do is transfer the videos from my camera to CD and
    eventually to DVD when i get a burner.

    Any Ideas
    Bob c, Dec 14, 2003
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  2. Bob c

    Dave Jones Guest

    Don't know how USB transfers, but you're best bet is firewire. That will
    transfer digital 720x480 (NTSC).
    Dave Jones, Dec 14, 2003
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  3. Bob c

    Rick Guest

    The USB is most likely your problem. USB (not 2.0) does not transfer fast
    enough to capture the video how it was recorded. Get a firewire card,
    recapture, and you should get your desired results.
    Rick, Dec 14, 2003
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