Sony DSC-W5 (Sony DSC-W1) owners

Discussion in 'Sony' started by BeTu, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. BeTu

    BeTu Guest

    I bought this camera recently. A little gem. Since I like to photograph wild
    birds, I am now thinking of buying Sony's tele-lens converter 2.6X, which,
    Sony claims, is of high quality. I am not talking about taking shots at very
    long distances, but rather back yard photography, capturing birds close-up
    from my deck, window etc. My current 3X optical setting (I don't use the
    digital zoom feature, which is not adequate) is just not strong enough to
    get that perfect shot. I know I have first get the adapter which allows the
    tele-lens, filters etc to be attached. Does anyone out there have the same
    camera, and possibly experience with this lens ? The cost in Canada is about
    $ 200.00, and I want to be reasonable sure that it is what I want. Thanks,

    BeTu, Dec 30, 2005
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  2. BeTu

    m Ransley Guest

    I own a w5 and am looking at the same thing, I realy cant answer you but
    think sony accesories are overpriced, on ebay you will do better. If you
    do outdoor which I do alot use a circular polariser if you have sky,
    keep it asa 100. I have alot of filters from my A1, 20+, I handhold now
    but will get the tube. For birds with red an Enhancing filter will bring
    out Red. Its a good camera, but the w7 would have given me more cropping
    potential, good for birds. I like that you crop and save and the
    original is intact. There are other lens manufacturers that are cheaper
    and probably as good. Interesting is if adaptor lenses are Leica, or
    sony. look on ebay
    m Ransley, Dec 30, 2005
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