Sony DSCF717 How can I put non Sony jpg pictures in the camera for a slide show?

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Dan, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Dan

    Dan Guest

    I successfully used the USB cable and could put a picture from this
    camera back on the camera for a portable slide show, but when I
    download other .JPG files, the camera shows a blue field saying "file
    error". The 3 file display mode shows blank info for Aperature,
    shutter speed etc. Is this the missing info? Anyone have any luck
    putting pictures into the camera via USB or Memory stick?
    Thanks for any info.
    Dan, Dec 7, 2003
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  2. Dan

    Nick C Guest

    Dan, I don't know if what I'm saying is relevant to what you're
    experiencing but it is a thought that you may consider.

    The storage media's used in digicams are FAT files. When you download
    the (FAT file) picture, the picture is downloaded onto a hard drive that
    is NTSF. Problems may arise when reversing the procedure (using Drag n
    Drop, or Send to) and expecting all the information (Image and text) to
    be displayed on the digicam monitor. The digicam may not see the 'tags'
    that are a part of FAT files. 'Tags' are like flags that allow the
    digicam to identify the file. The shifting of FAT to NTSF and back again
    may have affected FAT file 'tags' so that the digicam can't see the 'tags.'

    While considering what I have said, bear in mind I'm guessing as to what
    may be causing your problem.

    Nick C, Dec 7, 2003
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  3. Dan

    Dan Guest

    Thanks for responding Nick. I understand your FAT / NTFS idea but I
    think that part is OK because if I upload a .JPG picture from camera
    to PC, then delete it from the cam and download the pic again, it is
    fully in tact. My question is just why downloading .JPG files that
    were NOT made by the camera don't work. The obvious answer is that it
    requires the special camera info header before the camera will deal
    with it. I bet others have wanted to make a in-camera slide show of
    pictures that did not come from the camera. A software utility to put
    on a fake header might be needed.
    Dan, Dec 8, 2003
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