Sony DSR-11 VS Sony DSR 25

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by jeremy, Nov 16, 2004.

  1. jeremy

    jeremy Guest

    I can't seem to decide between the Sony DSR-11 and the DSR-25
    the big price difference seems about equal with the lack of features on
    the Sony DSR-11

    I was wondering if anyone out there owns the Sony DSR11 and could
    comment about it. there doesn't appear to be a counter on the deck..
    can you get a counter to appear on screen?

    I'm not sure if the money is worth having a counter, and hopefully
    visable audio meters on the DSR-25

    jeremy, Nov 16, 2004
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  2. jeremy

    l Guest

    I own a DSR-11 and has worked fine with what I want. A counter to me is not
    needed if you are using Premiere to run it, since Premiere will have the
    frames played and that to me is just like a counter. The DSR-11 is small
    and does not take too much space around the computer desk.
    l, Nov 16, 2004
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  3. Ususally yes. Depends on what software you are using.
    Why do you think you need counters? The main purpose
    of a DSR-11 is as a "feeder deck" for a NLE system.
    The capture/edit software provides all the data you need
    and anything on the deck itself is superfluous. I think Sony
    very wisely put the budget into NTSC/PAL and DVCAM/
    DV capabilities rather than into fancy bells and whistles
    and displays, etc.
    Since there are no audio level controls on the DSR-11 not
    sure what meters would do for you. I've never used one
    with analog input, but assuming it has either some sort of
    automatic-level controls (yuck) or depends on being fed
    with proper line-level(?)

    I'm actually looking to buy a DSR-11 right now, and the
    "lack of features" doesn't bother me in the least.
    Richard Crowley, Nov 16, 2004
  4. jeremy

    Jack Perry Guest

    Yes it has a counter that can appear superimposed over the analog video out

    it's a great little deck that also acts as an AtoD audio and video converter
    so it'll give you give you a monitor out
    for programs like Vegas. It would be nice to have an led counter and audio
    meters, but it will pass audio directly
    to your capture machine, so if it's recorded right, there's no problem
    Jack Perry, Nov 16, 2004
  5. I like the DSR-11 for its portability. I've taken it on several shoots
    where I need to capture a long program (such as awards programs) without
    having to change tapes in the middle. It also came in handy when a client
    brought in a VHS tape that I had to digitize quickly when I wasn't set up
    to handle it.

    If you use it for both editing and remote applications, I strongly suggest
    getting a second power supply for it, if for nothing else than the
    convenience of not having to unplug the power supply (which, for me, is
    back behind and underneath the computer desk) every time you go on remote.
    I carry a spare in the hard case I use to transport the DSR-11.

    Terry O'Brien
    Alpha Video Production
    Fort Wayne, Indiana
    Terry O'Brien, Nov 19, 2004
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