Sony F828 timings with fast MSPro card request for info

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Chris Hulley, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. Chris Hulley

    Chris Hulley Guest

    Greetings all,

    Thinking about a bigger memory card for my Sony F828. I want a MSPRo, as I
    use the fine movie mode.

    Can anyone supply info about whether a fast MSPro card (eg Sandisk Ultra II,
    Extreme III, the black Sony MSPRO, the high speed Sony MSPro) offers any
    in-camera performance improvement over a bog-standard white Sony MSPRo? I'd
    be surprised if it did for standard shot-to-shot, but am hoping there is
    some for 7-shot-in-a-row or RAW shots.

    TIA, ChrisH
    Chris Hulley, Sep 5, 2005
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  2. Chris Hulley

    Chris Hulley Guest

    OK, due to the overwhelming lack of response, I had to answer the question
    for myself, here are my findings.

    I went down to Paxtons in George St Sydney (who do as good a job as anyone,
    and better than most IMHO), and they were kind enough to "let me have a go"
    with a black MSPro, and a high-speed MSPro.

    White MSPro
    Shot-to-shot 1.27
    RAW 13.49
    TIFF 8.82
    7 shot cont About 13

    Timings from imaging resource and verified with my

    Black MSPro
    Shot-to-shot No detectable diference; unable to time precisely standing
    there in the shop
    RAW About 9
    Tiff About 6
    7 shot cont About 9

    High-speed MSPro
    No detectable difference from the black MSPro

    So, there you go. There is some difference, not enough to make me use RAW as
    my standard mode of shooting. Now to look around for the best price, and see
    if I am prepared to spend the difference ....

    GL all, ChrisH
    Chris Hulley, Sep 6, 2005
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