Sony FX1 or Sony FX7? CCD or CMOS?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by ashuat, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. ashuat

    ashuat Guest

    Hi, I'd like to ask your opinion about Sony FX1 or Sony FX7.
    I make documentaries. In your opinion what is better for me?
    ashuat, Dec 13, 2006
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  2. ashuat

    yarock Guest

    I have an Fx1 and recently upgraded my Canon XL2 to an XLH1. The FX1
    has a fantastic image, I'm happy with it, and it cuts well (with some
    preset tunning on the H1) with the Canon. The FX7 has 24p and 30p, I
    think, which is a plus if you want those frame rates.But you can also
    deinterlace the FX1 later. As far a the cmos, I don't know the answer.
    I bought the new Canon HV10 (cmos). It has a beautifull 60i hi def
    image. but not as nice as the XLH1.
    You should go to a forum where you can do a search on this question.
    Try's a wealth of info there, and categories for both
    the FX1 and the FX7.
    Good luck
    Bruce S. Yarock
    yarock, Dec 14, 2006
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  3. ashuat

    Spex Guest

    I bit the bullet and bought a HVR-V1. Has replaced my PD150 and will
    travel the globe with me for some time. The V1 has an amazing image in
    terms of resolution and colour reproduction. The camera sees the world
    like human eyes. The cool colour of Sony cameras is gone and is a
    pleasing, natural and neutral. The images simply don't look like video

    There is a problem with European units in progressive mode. The dealer
    I purchased it from rang me to say a fault in 25P had been reported and
    Sony were working on a fix. Expect a memory stick firmware upgrade in
    the near future.

    Interlace mode is working perfectly and the images I've shot blow any
    other compact HDV DVCPRO HD camera out the water.

    The only down side are the 1/4 inch cmos chips and the resulting large
    DOF. But, the resolution is so high the images jump out the screen.
    The lack of smear is particularly nice.

    So given the FX7 is a cut down version of the V1 I'd go FX7 over FX1.
    Spex, Dec 14, 2006
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