Sony Handycam SR200 problems with video on computer

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Liam Gibbs, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Liam Gibbs

    Liam Gibbs Guest

    Hello everyone,

    My wife and I recently bought a Sony Handycam DCR-SR200 camera and
    we're having a lot of problems with it. First of all, we can record
    (file format is mpeg) and take pictures (file format is jpeg) fine.
    Downloading to the computer is not a problem, either.

    However, the first problem is that we can't view the video files in
    all software. We tried the files in Windows Media Player, which works
    fine. But we tried them in Winamp, and the files will play for two
    seconds (no audio), then freeze the software. I tried other mpegs on
    Winamp to see if Winamp was the problem, and those others work fine.
    It's just files from the SR200 that won't work. I use Winamp for
    pretty much all audio/video doin's on my computer (save for DVDs and
    maybe a couple of things here and there), so Winamp problem is
    irksome. My worry is that the files won't work in just about anything
    except for Windows Media Player, and maybe eventually be fussy about

    The second problem is that I'm playing around with editing videos,
    making montages and whatnot. A new hobby. I'm a newbie, so please bear
    with me as I may sound totally out-to-lunch here. Anyway, I tried to
    make a video slideshow in Windows Movie Maker. I know that WMM isn't
    great--as I said, I'm a newbie, so I'm trying out my new hobby in low-
    cost or free software at the moment--but it's what I've got right now.
    When I tried to import an mpeg, WMM couldn't read it; I got an error
    message. So I used some software to convert it to an avi. I got the
    same problems with the avi (won't work in Winamp though Winamp never
    had a problem with avi's before), but now the new avi won't work in
    Media Player either. I tried it out in Movie Maker, which read it...
    with problems: suddenly Movie Maker thinks a 4-minute video is 8 hours
    long. This 8-hour video plays fine for video (4 minutes is 4 minutes),
    however the audio is so out-of-sync that stuff at the beginning of the
    video starts playing at about 4:15. Also, when I compiled my movie,
    the video was grainy and jumpy, no matter what aspect ratio, size, or
    frames-per-second I converted it from mpeg to avi with. I wasn't using
    the audio for this particular project, but I'm sure the audio would
    still be out-of-sync in the compiled version. WMM never had this
    problem before.

    Has anybody had these problems with the camcorder? This is my first
    camcorder purchase, so maybe this is a problem with the whole
    technology. But it just seems like such an expensive product shouldn't
    come with so many limitations and problems. We can still view the
    videos and pictures, but with such an expensive piece of equipment,
    all the problems I mentioned above are huge deal breakers.

    Any ideas?
    Liam Gibbs, Mar 5, 2008
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  2. Liam Gibbs

    Ken Maltby Guest

    Why not give the free trials of the various video editing
    programs that support MPEG editing.

    Check the "Tool" listings at

    I find the following quite useful, for working with MPEG:

    There are entry level programs available from Adobe,
    and Sony that some like as well.

    Ken Maltby, Mar 5, 2008
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  3. Liam Gibbs

    leanhg Guest

    Thanks for the advice. I've been fiddling with the codecs and I think
    I've gotten it to work out. Seems a little easier to work with now
    that I have a little bit more experience, but boy what an adventure.
    I'll try the software out that you suggested, too, and see how they

    leanhg, Mar 11, 2008
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