Sony HandyCam TRV22E

Discussion in 'Sony' started by Daniel Barton, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Hi, I have recently purchased the above and am struggling to use the DV
    aspect of the camera. I have bought a firewire and when I plug it into my PC
    and turn the switch to VCR the camera screen says DV IN on it. I try to
    download the miniDV recording that I have made via the Ulead video editor
    program and it says that its unable to find any attatched DV hardware. How
    can I get the recording from my camera to the PC?? Is there some setting i
    need to use on the camera.

    Thanks, Dan
    Daniel Barton, Nov 30, 2003
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  2. Daniel Barton

    Steve Ricard Guest

    Connect the camera to the PC, turn the camera on (power) VCR or VTR
    whichever your camera does, then start Ulead. You may be doing this
    already. In Ulead or any editing software, there should be an options or
    settings pull down where you tell the program where the input is coming

    As for myself, I gave away all of my PC's and software and bought a Mac
    G5 with Final Cut Pro 4. I use to be someone who never had anything
    nice to say about Apple computers; but the time and money spent just
    trying to make a PC work with Composite video, DV, sound, MIDI, etc. was
    breaking the bank and making me crazy. I bought a Mac and it just works.

    My solution may be extreme for many, however even with my first cheapie
    ($800) iMac 600mhz, 40 gig, 128 meg ram using iMovie (comes with the
    OS) I was immediately editing video and sound and not spending my
    afternoons trying to make the damn thing work.
    Steve Ricard, Dec 8, 2003
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