Sony HDR-SR12 first impressions

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by gpsman, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    I know this is far from a professional unit, but my common sense
    precludes spending $6K for my current "needs".

    Almost 8 years into the 21st century and apparently no person for whom
    English is their first or second language has been employed by Sony to
    write anything.... at least in English. Perhaps they might be tasked
    to translate English to Japanese...

    Actual quotes from the manual-
    "Handycam Handbook (PDF) (on supplied CD): "Handycam Handbook (PDF)
    explains in detail about your camcorder and its practical use."

    Duplicates the manual I'm reading which includes squat "in detail".

    "Operating the "Picture Motion Browser"."
    Is this an app with which I might animate still pictures? Animate
    them in a "browser"? Move them within some sort of browser? No clues
    are provided.

    The point is moot, since it won't launch after installation on an XP
    machine. It couldn't find something... I already uninstalled it and
    don't remember what that was.

    It is fortunate I didn't intend to use it and just installed it out of
    curiosity... or at least attempted to install it.

    The operating instructions, from turning the power on to "performing
    with a computer" consists of 14 pages.

    Menus and settings are selected by pressing certain areas on the LCD
    display. I think everybody knows few things are better for an LCD
    display than touching it with fingers.

    Otherwise, the picture quality seems quite good, exposure/s excellent,
    low light performance very adequate, and the LCD display clear and
    probably sharp enough for manual focusing... but I didn't test that
    since I decided it's being returned Monday.

    Of course I'm an idiot. I'm never going to be happy with anything
    less than an HD ENG camera. I'll eventually pick one up as the
    economy begins to rebound, if I live that long.
    gpsman, Dec 13, 2008
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  2. Indeed, touch screens are the work of the devil. Or did
    you really mean it as you wrote it?
    Stephen Cowell, Dec 13, 2008
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  3. gpsman

    gpsman Guest

    Lol. Just nonsensically ranting. Apologies all 'round.
    gpsman, Dec 13, 2008
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